Sunday, January 28, 2018

Email Correspondence from AssMasters

A email I was sent, if you like to write me

From: Rick Master
To: Anal Slut ; John AssMaster  
Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2018 6:59 AM
Subject: Brutalized the sluts asshole yesterday

Analboy, I brutalized your rectum yesterday slut, you were taking the 3 inch wide dildos like a champ, nice and loose, doggy style.
AssMaster John:  He was nice and hard as soon, as a big dong sunk deep, when i started getting ruffer with the dildos, thats when his sissy bald cock shot off from anal, I slowed down, but did not remove the dong, I could see his asshole try to clamp down from his cum shot, around the 3 inch shaft, but had no grip.
Slowley I worked his asshole and he got back into it, soon I was almost punching the 3 inch dongs, Analslut was working his hips in circles so I could nail his rectal walls. I new he was gonna blast another anal cum shot, I was right, his little cock shot off like a cannon again from asshole abuse, he collapsed on the bed, he was done, mutilated rectum hanging.  It was nice!
AssMaster Rick
PS this is the dildo I used to wreck his asshole

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Massive Nipples for Anal.

AssDaddy had just spent 2 weeks developing Huge nipples on the ANALBOY, thru nip clip abuse and vacuum pumping the hell out of his nipples as he worked his loose asshole, he would suck and bit his nipples making his little bald cock hot for anal. The time has come, fully developed womans nipples on him, as round as a US dime and a good 1/2 inch long if not more.  They wanted nipples to grab as the drive there huge black cock up his ruin asshole doggie style, sorta like grab handles for slut fuckings. The first try out was football player Tyronne.  10 inch of thick black meet that gets so rock hard and big angry bulging cockhead. As soon as Assdaddy john shown the sluts new nipples, his cock sprang to life and started to get hard. "You asshole is gonna get nailed today, I have not cum in 3 days and those nips look so nice and big.  On your knees bitch and spread them, face down asshole high, he whipped out his massive semi hard 10 incher, and Assdaddy John sucked him to rock hard, his raging swollen cock head, no just outside of his sluts big asshole, he grabbed his hips tight, and slammed into the slut full force without warning, sending him screaming into the pillows doggy style. He started thrusting in and out of him full stroke, nailing his asshole bad.

He reached around for his grabbed them and held him tight by the nips and rode his asshole, hanging on to his new massive nipples, Analslut, squirted a cum shot, and kept going. Tyrone was ready to blow already to, he went crazy, slam fucking, massive balls slapping the sluts puny nuts, He sank balls deep and released his load into him.

The Homemade nipples pump device:

Dont waster you money on store bought nipple vacuum tubes. Here is how to make one your self, with two items as shown: A plastic syringe with needle removed and nozzle cut off, 1, small binder clip, shown in the figure below. I used a 50 mL plastic syringe that has about 3/8 diameter opening for the nips. The purpose of the binder clip is to hole the plunger in place once a vacuum is drawn, Attach the clip to the base, to keep in place. I had the syringe and binder so cost was nothing. I made two, Attach one on each nip then fully expand out the nips, hold while Assmaster destroys my rectum, Good result. I'll take pics and attach later.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Handballing 101

Handballing 101-How to get the most from your anal-sluts rectum"

Your slut should have been already used to going wide and is loose. Either doggy style or on back missionary is the best way to enter the rectum. The colon must be clean and well lubed with crisco. Work up 3-4 fingers until 4 finger flat hand stretched his asshole ring then fold in your thumb to for a duck bill shape and go for the hand. Allow the slut to relax and feel the stretch, poppers will help the ring let loose, ease past the sphincter or ring muscle and youll sink in.  Hold your had into the wrist but dont move, allow the slut to get used to his cavity filled, then slowly start moving your hand, welcome groans and pre-cum cocks show signs of acceptance and you can get more aggressive.


After some practice of a few sessions, you can experiment, with each hand to see what ones stretches the rectum better. Once you can easily slide your hand in out of your sluts rectum easily, begin to ball the fist to grown the hole wider and looser.   "Alternate hand fisting" is a technique where you can alternately plunge your left and right hand in and out, alternating back and forth with twisting. You'll make great progress developing your slut rectum for handballing.

If you are successful in the intermediate "alternate hand fisting technique", id do this to the sluts rectum several times over a week, to prep the asshole for advanced punch fisting. Punch fisting involves the same duck bill technique above, but you close and ball your fist for a more aggressive fisting and stretching. Go slow and work up to it, you can usually do 10-15 punch in a row, before the sluts rectum will reject your hand from over abuse involuntarily.   I like to punch and twisting pull outs for a faster rectum loosening.  Doggy style is more effective position for this technique

LUBE: Best is crisco, other lubes like KY can be mixed
GLOVES: Optional but recommended.
POPPERS: Help alot.

Analboys Ruined Rectal meat from over fisting

Sunday, December 10, 2017

RegMonster Is back

The RegMonster is back in my rectum again, and we are both hot for anal!.   He moved away for 4 months and decided to come back.  Details about him, in this older post, link below.

A full 2 inch thick x 12-13 inch shaft, he takes Viagra and then gets rock hard in his pic below. He likes to take my asshole on my back missionary, ankles on his shoulders.He pins me down so I can barley move. He knows my asshole is loose and well used, and points the cock tip at the gaper, and plunges right to the hilt in one hard push, trying to traumatize my asshole to let me its HIM thats taking my hole for a ride.  

Then he starts driving full force, rock hard steady plunges, pounding me into the mattress. Constant thrusts and no resting the Viagra keeping him rock hard and cant cum, then I feel the cock head swell in my rectum 1/2 hour later, he plunges right to the balls and unloads into my colon bend from the depth.

Today we agreed to keep this up for regular Sunday 10am fuck sessions.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Another Anal Slut

Sent to me via my email (, Another Anal Whore bound and determined to destroy his asshole.

Hey slut, big fan here. Im 20 and bi. Started taking it in the asshole when I was in middle school like you. got into fisting at the same time. Was able to fist myself pretty easy. Didnt take much effort. I think cause I was so young, my asshole stretched really easy. I’ve had my prolapse now for about 7 years now. Its gotten a lot bigger in the past 2 years though. Pops out easy with no effort. Actually pops out when I cough or have to lift heavy stuff. Usually gotta reach in my pants and push it back in or it will stay popped out in my pants. Love showing it off to guys, they always look shocked and stupid interested in it once they realize what it is. Had two girls I dated get into playing with it some. Love having it licked and played in. I love the feeling when it gets pulled on hard. My favorite is sitting on the floor and having a hot guy  pull it out big and then step on it barefoot, mashing it down. Feels amazing having it stepped on. Best part is when its stepped on, I’ll pull back until it pulls out from under their foot. The sensation and stretch with the pop feeling of it pulling free makes my ass tingle.  My whole rectum will come out this way

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dr Lay- Anal Sadist Part 2

Dr Lay- Anal Sadist Part 2

Analboy moaned and twisted his tightly closed hands around the handles. Dr. Lay let the cone drive in further. After a few seconds he drove the cone slightly back and reduced the pressure on Analboy's anus. Analboy sighed with relief, but after a short period time, Dr. Lay restarted the process and the cone was again pressed into Analboy. Analboy took a deep breath and bore down to open up his Anal ring. The expander went in further than the previous time. Analboy exhaled noisily and groaned heavily. Dr. Lay again turned the controller and the cone went deeper into Analboy's intestines. Analboy again pressed his asshole to near prolapse to support his expansion. Dr. Lay increased the pressure with which the cone expander drilled into Analboy. Analboy cramped and let out a groaning sound. Bobby watched stunned and was breathing intermittently. This extreme anal stretching of his slut totally enthralled him.

Analboy let out moans of pain as he lost all rectal control and Dr. Lay stopped the stretcher briefly. Push! he commanded. Analboy took a deep breath and pushed as hard as he could. Dr. Lay immediately turned the controller and the motor started. Again the expander sank deeper into Analboys rectum and widened his asshole even more. When Analboy exhaled, Dr. Lay stopped the feed, but let the stretcher rest in the position reached. You have almost made it, Dr. Lay said. You must now push with all your might, then I will press the expander in completely. Are you ready? he asked Analboy.

“Yes, damage my anal ring”, Analboy breathed between his heavy breaths.

Dr. Lay picked up the controller and said sternly: Push! Analboy took a deep breath and pushed. Dr. Lay turned the motor on a level. The expander sunk deeper and deeper into Analboy's rectal cavity. Bobby held his breath. That is totally crazy! he thought. More and more of the expander disappeared into him . Analboy let out a hiss. Go on, push! ordered Dr. Lay. Analboy moaned briefly, took another breath and pressed his rectum out wide. Dr. Lay gave more pressure, and slowly the expander pushed itself with its full 4 inch diameter into Analboy's chute.

Analboy moaned loudly as the widest part passed his anal ring. Panting and sighing, he lay in his bonds, he had actually swallowed this tremendous cone!, probably ruining his asshole for good.
Bobby watched his asshole slut very excited. Amazing how cool that looks. The expander is so fat, he thought. Again, he felt something like pride for his asshole slut.

After about a minute, Dr. Lay withdrew the stretcher out to about halfway out of Analboy's rectum. Analboy sighed in relief, but Dr. Lay returned to the feed immediately and told Analboy to push again! Slowly the huge device drilled into Analboy. This time, Dr. Lay inserted it slowly but steadily. Among Analboy sighs and moans of pain the cone again disappeared completely. As before, the process was repeated 10 times. This enhances the training and rectal breakdown, Dr. Lay said.
Bobby could clearly determine that it got easier from time to time, until his asshole slut finally showed hardly any sign of effort any more. He knew the anal ring was shot.

Well, Dr. Lay said to Analboy, You deserve a little break. Simone will now massage you a little bit, in a quarter of an hour I'll be back.

Little break? Bobby thought. So there's more to come? Crazy! The anal desires of his asshole slut appeared almost fathomable.

Simone dried the sweat off Analboy and then took some massage oil. He massaged his tensed muscles and Analboy relaxed rapidly, although his position was kept unchanged and also the stretcher was still inside his rectum. When Simone also massaged his cock he moaned with joy.
Just after a quarter of an hour, Dr. Lay appeared again in the treatment room. He smiled to Bobby and sat down at the control panel. In the meantime Simone's colleague had prepared another expander, that in Bobby eyes already had truly menacing proportions. Ok, Analboy, said Dr. Lay, on we go with the next size. The next cone on the program is 4.5 inches. Analboy sighed softly and closed his fingers around the handles.

The expander approached Analboy's Prolapse. The at least 7 inches of the tip slid inside with almost no resistance. Again Analboy pushed his asshole out and Dr. Lay increased the pressure more and more. Step by step, the machine did its work, and Analboy's massive asshole was dilated more and more. Now Dr. Lay had to stop the feed quite often since Analboy gave sounds of significant pain from him. His moans became louder and louder as the expander disappeared deeper into his rectum. Finally, with much sighing and whining, he had taken even this 4.25 dilator fully inside him. Bobby was amazed. This is just crazy what's going on, he thought.

After the usual ten times of repeated insertion the expander was changed again. Should this go on forever? Bobby could not believe it. Like yesterday, he was almost fearful for his asshole slut's well being. Nevertheless, he was excited in a peculiar way.

Well, said Dr. Lay, only one dilator more, then you have reached your goal for today, TOTAL RECTAL DESTRUCTION. Bobby relaxed a little, because as the assistant picked up the next cone, some bad feelings had taken hold of him. How can his asshole slut take it, without tearing his anal ring? During the insertion of the last expander he cried in pain and had requested Dr. Lay repeatedly to proceed more slowly. Well, fortunately only one more, Bobby thought.

‘Keep damaging my asshole!!, fuck it up for good, we are almost there’ Analboy moaned.

Bobby new Analboys was OK after that. They proceeded larger.

After that Analboy would be stretched to incredible 3-3/4 width. Madness! That his asshole slut could ask for such an extreme treatment, he had not even dreamed about this morning. He asshole would never return to normal again.

Dr. Lay began again with the insertion. This time, Analboy needed much more time until he had swallowed the expander completely into his cavity His pain and long-drawn moans slowly reached alarming proportions, his ring was about to tear, it was drum tight now. But it was clear to see that Analboy voluntarily underwent his own rectal destruction.

With this 3-3/4”  dilator, Dr. Lay penetrated Analboy's rectum 20 times to train the chute. Finally, Dr. Lay drove the stretcher completely out of his victim and stood up.
He went to Analboy's head and smiled to the sweaty analwhore. Well, how did you enjoy your treatment today? he asked friendly. You've really made an effort to open yourself up, he praised.
It was very cool, Analboy said. It feels so good when the dilator goes deeper and deeper in me and I finally feel the full diameter sliding inside me. I cannot get enough of that! he said in an excited voice.

Bobby was once again speechless. He had really enjoyed it? He could not understand his asshole sluts anal preferences, but it was still admirable how Analboy was able to motivate himself, to train his asshole probably quite often until he had reached this state.
Well, Dr. Lay said with a smile, you can come back anytime for anal training and ring breakdown, if you want.
Analboy was quiet for a moment, then he took a deep breath and said in a humble, quiet voice: I would like to ask you to ruin me a bit more now, if that's possible. Dr. Lay smiled and replied: So you have not had enough for today? No, I feel that I can go further, Dr. Lay replied.
What had his asshole slut just demanded? Bobby could not believe his ears. He wants more of this super extreme rectal destruction?

Even more torture? Even bigger things in his rectum? Bobby was totally stunned. He had never expected this, after all he had noticed how exhausting and probably painful the last two stretchers had been for Analboy. It took over an hour until the last 3-3/4” dilator had completely been put inside of Analboy! Again and again he had silently asked during severe moans of pain that Dr. Lay would slow down. And now he still wanted more? Bobby felt enormous respect for his asshole slut.

Ok, Dr. Lay said. Then we'll go back to the 3-1/4” dilator for you. Simone will massage you again so that you are relaxed when we widen your sweet ass up even more.

Dr. Lay left the room again and Simone smilingly wiped the thick drops of sweat from Analboy's forehead. Then both assistants began to massage Analboy; this, he welcomed with pleasure. Bobby was trying to organize his thoughts in this pause, but somehow he was overwhelmed with the masochism of his asshole slut. But nevertheless, he found the prospect of watching the further stretching of his asshole slut quite exciting.

Dr. Lay came back and went to Analboy. Are you ready? he asked. Yes, Analboy said, I feel relaxed again. You know that it will be even harder for you now, and you will suffer a lot, if I stretch you to even more extremes, he asked sternly.

I am willing to endure more rectal destruction, Analboy replied.

End of part 2, the brutal anal continues in Part 3, the finale.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Coke Bottle Ring Mutilation

Sunday, I just mutilated my asshole ring muscle today using plastic Coke bottles, Use 3 ranging from 2.75 inch wide to 3.25 (16oz, 1 liter, 24 oz).  Filled with hot water and capped. Plenty of crisco for bottle popping fun!.  The sit on wooden chair backwards with my big asshole hanging off the end and ease the smallest bottle in, "Shoe horning" the blunt bottle end past the ring. Once in slide the entire bottle into my cavity to the neck, the grab a paper towel for grip and hold the bottle end and start stroking it faster and faster the full bottle length.  Once i feel the anal ring breakdown, I start punching the bottle in and out drilling up and out of my rectum. I count off 30 punches, and goto the next sized bottle and repeat this procedure. When I get to the biggest bottle, its hard to get past the ring, I push the limits, scream and ease it past the ring with a gasp, feeling a little ring tear. Slow bottle stroking with the monster Coke bottle the full length of my chute makes my little bald cock start to squirt.  Another good asshole wrecking.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Damage that ring!


Every day this week my 2 AssMasters, just nailed my anal ring determined to break it down for good. By the time Friday came, I was so loose and open for them, Punching beer can thick dildos at all angle nailing my rectal walls. easily fisted. My little 4 inch bald cock rock hard and squirting off from anal, milking 2 loads with each session, no jacking required. Would would lose all rectal control 10~ 15 minutes into the sessions, and prolapse out on big dildo rip outs and closed fist yank outs,  My asshole wont be tightening up for a while, HOT!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dr Lay -Anal Sadist Part 1

Dr Lay -Anal Sadist Part 1

Bobby watched spellbound. The perfectly shaved pubic area of his anal bottom slut was now completely accessible and his cute asshole was squeezed out provocatively. The extreme spread of his legs had pulled his buttocks apart so far that his asshole was a virtually flat surface with his huge open asshole in the center. Anal boy was primed for anal.

In the Doctors Dungeon--

Dr. Lay now had free access to Analboys pleasure hole. He took some lube and massaged Analboy's loose asshole. So he said smiling profoundly to Analboy, let's see how far you can open your big asshole today.!

Bobby swallowed. Analboy had been extremely opened up just a short time ago; Simone had even anally punch fisted him! And now it will start boi time?

What the hell would Dr. Lay have his anal slut endure now? Bobby realized why he had been bound and gagged. His excitement ceased when he thought of what lay before Analboy. Slowly, he felt queasy again.

Dr. Lay took a three prong anal speculum and inserted it into Analboy's already massive gaping anus. Due to the extreme position he had lost control over his sphincter and could not quite close it; which was what was actually intended. Dr. Lay turned the screw, slowly and evenly the speculum opened. When he had reached approximately 2-1/2 inch  in diameter Analboy breathed hard in and out, but Dr. Lay turned the screw further. Then Analboy moaned loudly and Dr. Lay said, well, I don't think you're not relaxed enough. I should give you a helping hand, though. Please fetch the penetrator, he said to Simone's colleague.

Penetrator? That will probably mean fucking machine, Bobby thought as the assistant rolled the unit in from the supply room.
On a white painted frame was indeed mounted a kind of fucking machine. Bobby had seen such a device in an erotic catalogue, but this one was built much more stable.
At the front was a mandrel sticking out, on which a dildo could be attached. This mandrel was connected with a pivot to a flywheel, which was powered by a sturdy looking motor.
Mounted on its side was a control panel. The cable that was hanging out got connected to the main control panel. The assistant positioned the machine centered in front of Analboy's asshole. Simone screwed a thick dildo on the mandrel and rolled the device closer towards Analboy. Dr. Lay regulated the height of the chair to align the dildo with Analboy's asshole and locked the frame at its wheels. The assistant turned a threaded spindle and adjusted the machines angle to Analboy's position. Simone drove the dildo slowly into Analboy and verified the position of the machine.

Just a small readjustment of the angle and the unit was ready. Simone drove the dildo back out completely out of Analboy and changed it with a much thicker specimen. Bobby estimated approximately 3 inch in diameter. The dildo was thickly coated with lubricant and then pressed forward slowly, deep into Analboy's compliant rectum.
Analboy, who had not muttered a single peep until now, groaned full of enjoyment. His little cock was a little hard, as Bobby noticed after a sharp look. But no doubt, beside the strain, that there was lust at work in Analboy. Bobby realized that the anal masochism of his asshole still felt strange to him, even if he had received a very good explanation by Simone yesterday. Bobby admired Analboy very much, but he realized that he could not share such extreme feelings for anal. Simone adjusted the turning points of the dildo and Dr. Lay picked up the controller. So now you're going to get a proper fuck, he said to Analboy, so that your asshole will be able to stretch out very far afterwards. He turned on the engine and the dildo began to fuck Analboy's rectum. MMMMHHHHMMM Analboy said as he felt the movements of the thick prick in his hot asshole. With gradually increases, Dr. Lay regulated the speed until the dildo made about 2 strokes per second, full 9 inch long strokes were set.

That was quite decent, Bobby thought.

 Dr. Lay said. Thus, he left the room. Analboy moaned softly. He seemed to really enjoy the anal fucking machine. 15 minutes later, Dr. Lay was back and drove the dildo out of Analboy's rectum. Simone gave him a much thicker one, which was screwed onto the mandrel and soon disappeared in Analboy's small yet eager ass and big asshole. Analboy had to endure the fuck for another 15 minutes, then Dr. Lay said that it would now be time to take a real dick. Bobby's eyes widened when Simone was preparing the next prick. This dildo was 4 inches in diameter!
Bobby was amazed. Now it's getting down to business, he thought. Although the dildo had a smooth shank like its predecessors, this time a real big penis head  was formed. Simone mounted it on the mandrel and Dr. Lay drove it right up into Analboy's rectum. He probably felt how thick the dildo was that now entered him, because he was breathing audibly. Dr. Lay slowly drove the mandrel forward. Analboy moaned as the tool stretched his taunt sphincter. Dr. Lay did not stop and let it continue to drive into Analboy. Oooohhhhhcchh came softly out of Analboy's mouth.
Well, you will probably feel this one better, said Dr. Lay. Yes, he's really nice and thick, Analboy moaned excited. Then you may enjoy it a while said Dr. Lay. I'm going to penetrate you with various settings he said, then you should be pretty relaxed so I'll have no trouble during your expansion. I have still some plans with you for today.

Something like a horny anticipation crept up his back. He got really excited at the thought, because now he had accepted the fact that his slut  got real pleasure by this sadistic treatment.
Analboy got close to a cumming several times as he was fucked this massive dildo. Bobby was also kept pretty hot at the sight of his asshole slut strapped down on this obscene rack and getting fucked mercilessly by an emotionless machine. Bobby wanted to play with his bald little cock, as he imagined that it was he who knelt in front of a nice guy and was fucked his asshole heavily.
Dr. Lay fucked Analboy rather quickly and seemed to be very pleased. Bobby noticed that when he was close to shotting off from anal, every time Dr. Lay would regulate the speed down and Analboy's lust waves faltered. Then Dr. Lay would change the settings of the machine and the stiff dildo would drive in long strokes completely out of Analboy's rectum before it entered again. Every time the fat acorn of the  dildo head stretched his ring out, Bobby could clearly see how Analboy's asshole was pulled out forming a volcano shape  before it gave up and let the dildo slide out. He was quickly losing all rectal control

Dr. Lay increased the speed more and more. Analboy was moaning now, getting into the rectal. No longer purely pleasurable, he seemed to reach again that desired state in which pleasure and pain were balanced. “ Ruin me for good” Analboy cried out.  Dr. Lay repeatedly changed the speed between very slow in and out and brutal rectal penetration. Analboy seemed to be really torn between all extremes of his emotions. At times he moaned softly, then he gripped the handles and yelled out in excitement.

Dr. Lay played masterfully with his rectal feelings. Finally he changed the setting again so that only the fat acorn penetrated  and popped in and out of the anal ring in very short strokes. He increased the speed up to about 2 strokes per second, leaving Analboy alone again for a quarter of an hour. From time to time Simone dripped lube onto the dildo, while Analboy now showed clear signs of no rectal control, prolapsing out when the head left, and then the red meat was cored back up into place. Apparently this quick penetration of his sphincter only was not so easy to bear, but he loved the feeling of no asshole control. Bobby still looked spellbound. Really amazing what's going up here, he thought. He never would have guessed what was hidden inside Analboy. The fact he wanted his rectum ring damaged.

Dr. Lay came back and stopped the penetration. This "relaxation exercises" of Analboys rectum  had lasted about two hours.

Then let's see if your big asshole can now widen better and even looser, said Dr. Lay and picked up the large three-prong speculum again. He slowly turned the screw and indeed, Analboy opened up much easier now. Just before about 4 inches  had been reached, Analboy moaned softly. Well, now it works so much better, he said to Analboy. Now we can begin.
Bobby was curious what was to come next.

Chapter 2: Analboy's expansion training

Nurse, please get the first cone expander, Dr. Lay said to Simone's colleague.
The assistant again went into the next room, returned the well-used penetrator to its storage place, and came back out again with a very similar frame . This was, however, built significantly more sturdy and had larger wheels. On top of the wheeled frame an elongated square case was mounted; which obviously had a powerful motor attached to one end. At the other end a thick spindle with a threaded connection on its front came out. Like the fucking machine before, this device was also adjustable in its angle by a threaded spindle. The assistant rolled the frame in, centered in front of Analboy, and extended a mounting bracket to the front. On the bracket were two strong, long finger-thick bolts These were fitted in holes below the body support of the gyno-chair. With that done, the cone expander, as Dr. Lay had called the device, was fixed to the chair.

Dr. Lay said that he would drive Analboys assshole into the stretching position now and picked up the control panel of the chair. Analboy was somewhat more inclined backwards so that isr head was now the  faced down . Then Analboy's back legs went even further, so that his knees were already below his back. At the same time, the legs spread further apart. Analboy moaned quietly because of the tension in his body, from that position.

In addition, the frame wheels had now been blocked. To the spindle of the cone expander the assistant mounted a dildo and Dr. Lay operated the device. The motor started and the spindle moved slowly out of the housing. When the dildo was inserted far enough into Analboy's rectum, Simone adjusted the angle of the spindle, while Dr. Lay adjusted the height of the chair.

The dildo drove slowly out of Analboy's battered rectum. Meanwhile, Simone's colleague had already lubed a attachment for the spindle, and Bobby now knew why the device was called cone expander.
A black truncated cone made from silicone of about 8 inches in length was screwed to the spindle. Bobby estimated that the front diameter at the rounded tip of the cone was about 3 inch diameter and then gently expanded. About 3 inches before the end of this expander, the cone turned into a straight shaft. Bobby watched spellbound. What for incredible devices are used here, he thought.

‘Well, then let's get started, and destroy your asshole for good” said Dr. Lay, as he drove the cone expander slowly towards Analboy's gaping open asshole.” To welcome you to your stretching session, I will first open you up with a thinner expander, this one goes from 3 to 4 inches in diameter. You should not have any problems with it now that you are loose. Dr. Lay pressed some buttons on the control panel and the expander moved slowly.

Analboy moaned lustfully as the tip went into his asshole. Evenly, inch by inch the cone drove into Analboy's receptive asshole. Without stopping, the powerful motor pressed the cone inside in Bobby's slut until it had finally sunk in up to the full circular diameter. Dr. Lay drove the cone back out rapidly and a new journey in Analboy's rectum began. Ten times he repeated this procedure, accompanied by Analboy with soothing sounds. Then the expander was driven fully back and Simone unscrewed it from the spindle. His colleague handed him the next, larger cone.

Dr. Lay said, now comes the next one, from 4 to 4-1/2 inches. To Bobbys  astonishment this cone was absorbed by Analboy almost without any problem in one stroke. Analboy breathed only once heard and deep as the full diameter stretched his asshole the limit. How thick the expander looks, when it's in Analboy's big asshole, Bobby thought. Incredible. During the insertion of the next expander from 4-1/2 to 5 inches, some resistance was clearly quite noticeable. It's really huge, Bobby thought gulping as it was screwed to the spindle. This monster is supposed to fit into my sluts rectum? Madness. How can he stand this?

Dr. Lay drove the expander into Analboy's anus, and the tip diameter pressed his wide open sphincter. “Now it's getting a bit harder for you, you wont be able to close your asshole anytime soon” Dr. Lay said to Analboy.

When Analboy felt Dr. Lay drive the stretcher into him, he closed his eyes and relaxed. He let his asshole relax even more and await further insertion of the cone. Bobby watched eagerly as the cone's tip spread his sluts asshole wide and penetrated through the colon bend slowly. Analboy quietly breathed in and out. Inch by inch, the strong engine drove the cone into him. Analboy's sweet asshole became more and more spread open. About a third of this cone expander had disappeared into him, as a soft moan and strong breaths revealed that he had to make some effort to endure this strain. Still a little more of the cone pressed into Analboy's asshole before he moaned loudly and Dr. Lay stopped the movement. Analboy lay panting in his bonds. But the pause that Dr. Lay gave him was short. The motor hummed again and the cone continued its journey into Analboy’s guts. Bobby regretted not being able to watch his sluts face. Surely his stress was to be seen clearly, he assumed

End of Part 1