Sunday, July 10, 2016

He Ruined my Asshole Sunday Movie

Ruined- Turn up your Speakers!

no rectal control

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Camera Preview Movie

We just got a new digital movie camera to capture more hot analring busting videos, We are still working out the bugs and used this short clip to make adjustments in sound quality and video resolution.  Here Analboy is working the 6 inch wide construction cone, and sinks to a 3 inch wide width with ease, no resistance from his battered ring, his little bald cock starts growing with each impale.

Once all the bugs are worked out will be doing a series of 8 minute clips.   If you have suggestions for content, leave a comment for this post with your desired content or you can email one to


If you like to download this 11 mb movie via Zippyshare here is LINK

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Assmaster Bill- The Anal ring popping expert 6/28/16 session

Assmaster Bill- The Anal ring popping expert

The asshole sluts big asshole was hovering over the extra large construction cone, as he sunk down, he went to a three inch width on the first impale.  AssMaster Bill liked that, it meant his muscle was already half destroyed from all the abuse its been taking lately.

His greasy hand stroking the sluts bald cock hard, keeps him hot for anal abuse. He began bouncing up and down on the large cone, stretching out his muscle to the max.

 "Ready for a 2 inch starter dong fall in?" He said, "Yea work my muscle ring" Slut said getting in position doggy style.

It was great seeing a huge dong practically fall in his rectum with no resistance.

"Ass down to line up your colon, now spread your legs to let loose that big asshole" He said and the slut slipped into position, Aiming the head at his gaping asshole, then PLUNGE!, right to the hilt with no resistance, "Nice fall in, a few pumps and we go right to 3 inch wider rocket dildo. He pumped and twisted stubby starter, watching his muscle let loose even more.  He picked up greasy rocket dong once he decided his asshole was too loose for stubby.  It too sank in right to the 3inch  ridges rather easy.. "Ripple my ring muscle over the ridges Daddy....Ahhhh that’s wrecking my ring muscle good" he moaned getting into the analwork.

Assdaddy picked up the pace, long smooth strokes where pulling his muscle in and out, then he would plunge back deep over and over until his muscle was past the ridges and into the fattest part of the dong at 3.25 inch wide 

"Hot, wreck it, its losing all rectal control fast!" the slut screamed. He started working the sluts cock with his other hand, keeping up the relentless plunging of his ring muscle
"Its ball popping time" He announced, and ripped the rocket out, and set the ring popper on the bench 1st ball 2-1/2” diameter, 2nd ball 3 inches, third ball 3-1/2 inch. The slut was straddling the bench with his back to him, his bald cock dripping now. "Down on the 1st ball, no mercy on you muscle" AssDaddy said, as the slut aggressively impaled himself on the ball toy, popping the fist ball in with ease. 

"Now start working it hard, ruin your muscle!" he said.

Analboy went crazy, bouncing up and down and the second ball started popping into his muscle, He was working up to the 3rd ball now,
"almost there, ruin me" he screamed,

but the asshole destruction was too hot and his bald cock squirted off from abuse. He was toast, and pulled off the ball popper, Assdaddy could see the muscle hanging open, no control and puffy, as he sank his 8 inch monster cock balls deep in his ruined asshole, He grabbed his hips and pulled hard, long fuck strokes felts good, and he was ready to cum right away.  “Im cumming in your slutty asshole!” He screamed and deposited a huge load into his colon bend.

The end

Gettin to the 3 inch mark!

Pull of and impale again

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The missing story Series- Horse2- Summer Horse

The missing story Series- Horse2- Summer Horse

As Analboy walked over the field, the sun stood high on the sky, bathing him in its warm caressing rays. He wore shorts, shoes and a tshirt. Today was very hot, and he was on his way home from John, his best friend. They lived close by, but it still took about 30 minutes to walk home, 15 if he crossed over the fields, like he always did. Analboy used to come here when he was younger, to look at the horses. He adored horses when he was a kid, for their strength and beauty. Now he was 30, and his interests had moved to parties, dancing, and drinking. Today was no exception, the horses were out, and stood far from him. He got home, and his daddy came to tell his that dinner was soon ready. "OK, Dad. I'll just take a quick shower", he said, and walked upstairs. He undressed, and turned on the shower, and stood before the mirror, looking at himself. He smiled. As he went into the shower, he wondered about tomorrows birthday party. John was turning 31, and Analboy was excited about this party. He had already gotten his present, and he hoped he would love it. He had bought him a copy of "From dusk to dawn". He loved it himself, and wanted to have a copy himself. John and Analboy had been friends for a long time, so he knew he would love it. Analboy came downstairs after he had showered, and got to the table. His mom, dad and little brother was already at the table just waiting for him.

Time passed by as Analboy sat in his room watching tv. He was getting tired, and headed for bed. He wanted to be fully rested for the party tomorrow. He got up, turned off the tv and turned off the lights. Then he got undressed and climbed into bed. Soon after he was sleeping. "Wake up boy!" said his Daddy as he stood next to his bed. Analboy opened his eyes, and smiled to his mom. "Good morning, mom" he said. "Morning sweetie" responded his mom and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and went out from his room. Analboy sat up, and looked at the clock, 9:35. He stretched and got out of bed, took on a robe and headed for the shower. He was in the shower for a long time, thinking about todays party, getting his so excited. He loved John's parties. They were always special. The afternoon finally came, and Analboy walked over to John, and was warmly welcomed by his friend. John hugged Analboy for a long time, and thanked him for coming. As they walked inside, Analboy saw many people that he knew and didn't really knew. He said hello to the ones that he knew, and gave John the gift, smiling widely. As John opened the gift, all the people stood around him watching, and most of them sighed when they saw the movie Analboy had gotten him. John smiled brightly and turned around to face Analboy and smiled to him. The party started, and the people sat around the table, laughing, talking, singing and drinking. There was a lot of beer and alcohol on the table. People helped themselves, and around evening all of them were pretty drunk. The music was louder, and so were the talking and laughing. Many was dancing around on the floor to the music. They all had a good time, especially John, who sat in the couch with Jimmy, kissing and caressing. Around 12, Analboy was ready to walk home, few of the guests had already left, but most of them were making out in the livingroom, others dancing and a single one lying on the floor sleeping. He couldn't find John anywhere, and could figure out that he was probably with Jimmy in his bedroom. He didn't want to bother them, so get went to get his coat, and headed out into the mild summer night.

Analboy was pretty drunk himself, and also a bit light-headed. He walked alone over the field, when all the sudden he heard a noise close to him. He looked around and saw that it was a horse walking up to him. He stopped and waited for the horse to come to him. Slowly the horse went to him, sniffed his scent and approached his. He reached out and padded his mane, running his fingers through the soft hairs. Slowly his hand went to his neck, slowly caressing it, feeling his skin beneath his hand. He jumped over the fence and stood next to the horse now. He felt all tingly inside, and ran his hand along the stallions back, as he stepped closer to him. He felt his soft body beneath his hand, and slowly let his hand go down his belly and beneath him, finding his sheath. He sighed and gently caressed the sheath, feeling his cock move a little inside. He got on his knees, still caressing his warm heath, as he saw the cockhead appear from the opening. He looked at it with wide opened eyes. It was so big, must have been a solid 3" thick. Slowly the cock came forth from the sheath, dropping. He stared at the size of it, and his hands ran down its rubbery length. It felt wonderful. He got a little closer to the cock, and could smell the musky aroma, so he leaned over, kissing the head of the enormous cock. His hands ran up and down the cock, both hands used to encircle it. He felt it harden in his hands. It was about 20 inches long and really thick. He had never seen anything this beautiful before. He began to undress himself, throwing the clothes aside as it came off. The horse was obviously enjoying this, as his cock slapped against his belly, as he rubbed his hands along its length. Analboy kissed and licked the cock all over, and as he reached the head, he opened his mouth wide and took it inside. His lips wrapped around the massive cock, his tongue playing with the head, and his hands stroking the big cock. The horse gave a couple of short humps, banging the cock against his throat, sending pre-cum down his throat. He swallowed to the best of his ability.

He was getting so aroused by this. He took the cock out of his mouth and rubbed it all over his face, getting the sticky pre-cum all over himself. He dropped his pants, finegred out his asshole with the horse cum as lube.  He licked the head every time he rubbed it over his lips. Then he let the cock go to his chest, rubbing it on it, teasingly rubbing it on his hard nipples. He reached up with one hand and took the massive balls into his hand, rolling them, feeling their weight. He wondered how much cum there was in them. Again he took him into his mouth, sucking his cock, and his hands continuing stroking the massive pole.

Analboy worked his asshole preparing it for a horse cock, 2, 3 then 4 fingers stretched out his rectum. He folded in his thumb and slid his own hand into his asshole!. He loved to open his asshole.  Moaning he grabbed for the horse cock. Jacking it the horse became fully aroused.  Analboy then eased the fat horse cock into his asshole, screaming from its width.  The horse must have liked it and again the stallion began thrusting. He could feel his glans flare up inside his asshole. The horse soon got into a steady rythem, longs smooth strokes nailing his colon bend at a 14 inch depth, but he was taking it good. The horse was nailing his asshole, it was to big for him. Shocked he quickly pulled him out, still rubbing him. The horse grunted, . swaying his tail, and then Analboy sunk it back into his open asshole.  The horse buried his cock in Analboy with one big thrust, almost pulling Analboy of the ground.  He screamed as the horse ruined his asshole. Another thrust, the horse grunted and all the sudden he came. Analboy wasn't fully prepared for this. The enormous cock spurted out jet after jet of warm cum. The warm cum hit deep inside his bowels , splashing out the side of his ass lips, creaming his asshole and balls.  He felt it run down his legs. As he opened his ass cheeks to get him deeper, the horse pulled out and a jet of cum hit his open asshole. There was so much of it. He almost shit. He bucked into the horse taking him back into his asshole, Then more cum spurted from the cock head deep inside him. The cum ran down his ass cheeks, dripping from his balls. The horse rewarded Analboy with about 8 strong jets of cum, all over his ruined asshole. He was literally covered with sticky horsecum. Then the cock began retracting back into the sheath. He stared at the limb cock as it pulled back inside the sheath. He sat on the grass for awhile as the stallion walked away. The cum was getting cold on his ass. Put on his tshirt and wiped himself clean.
Then smiled and looked at the horse as he walked away. He put on his clothes. As he got home, he threw away the tshirt and went into the shower. He thought about what he just had done, and smiled. It was ‘wrong', but he had enjoyed it so very much. Maybe he would do it again sometime he thought to himself. When Analboy got up the next morning, he went out and headed for the field. He wanted to get a good look at his equine lover in the daylight. As he came to the field, he saw five horses. Which one was his lover he thought. He stood there a few minutes, staring at a beautiful brown stallion. He knew that this was him. After 15 minutes of staring at this magnificient creature, he went home again, with a big smile on his lips.


The Monster Flared Head and big nuts

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The missing story series- PowerDrill2

The missing story series- Powerdrill2

Powerdrill my rectum, please!

Through contact from the blog, I met a sadistic man named Kris.  He told me he could take my asshole to new limits in width and depth, but needed to totally submit my rectum in a BDSM session. With a large collection of toys, bondage equipment and  homemade fucking machines, we made a date for me to visit almost daily for rectum destruction sessions.  Tonight was my first visit, and through several emails,I knew I was going to be bound tight and my asshole destroyed with  his homemade devices....which I knew involved a powerdill and saw-z-all somehow....

Arriving at his house..He was a large muscular man, with tattoos..He invited me in and we had a drink.. After 2 drinks we started to loosen up, and he invited me to see the 'workroom'.  A bedroom converted to a room devoted for rectal play.
Ropes and dildos everywhere..Not just regular sized dildos.. but dildo's even larger than my collection you see on the site.

"Ive been working an assholes for 5-6 years now, but never could find anybody slutty enough for my anal games, until now...maybe you can take it" Kris said. "My asshole can go real wide and deep..." I gleamed.  "Good!, as I even got something special just for me and you, my new rectum slut!. It took me a few days  but was able to take the 3 and 4 inch wide dildos, and modifying them by
adding and metal flat plate and collet.  This will allow me to mount these dildo to my sazall and my cordless powerdrill. This should take your rectum to new limits. The saw-z-all has a 4" stroke and will trash out your rectum at 46 strokes per second. The powerdrill is rated at 18 revs per second. My plan  was to loosen you up, then use my powerdill first to trash out your rectum...I figure a 3" wide dildo spinning in your asshole for 15 minutes at full blast will give you about is over 16,000 times that dildo will nail the assring....then mutilate you even more with the saw-z-all full blast...get it buried 13" way past the bend then let that baby rip, hammering your colon until the bend wrecks itself...taking a good 2000-3000 full strokes...Thats only 1 minute or so.... Look at my sawhorse too, all padded with a hole for your cock
 and balls. Drape you over, bind you tight, the work that asshole ring!...But lets have another drink...and we can get you prepped. "Great, Im ready for the machines..I think"...

Kris stripped me naked, took a large rubber o-ring and secured off my nuts real tight. the poured me a drink. His eyes looking at my shaved pubes the whole time like I was a piece of meat for his taking or was it more like "his personal rectum" as he said many times. This fancy drink tasted strange and the salt on the rim tasted fairly strange as well. I was feeling rather groggy and figured he might have put something in it..but it was too late..I drank the whole thing.

He helped me to the room, draped me over the sawhorse, tying my wrists and ankles to the legs. A could see a him tie a string to my -oringed off nut sack and the string was tied to a eye hook. pulling my nuts far away from my asshole.  Next a large 2" wide solid glass rod was inserted into my asshole, as the machines were plugged in and tested....I was getting real groggy and could barley hear, Apparently, Kris must have either been talking  to himself or someone else was near by. "Kris..uh who is it....?? somebody" I stammered "Never mind whore, just relax we I'm just about ready, go ahead spread open his asscheeks for me. Im going to the 3" width and start hammering the bend"  I felt someone spread my asscheeks as the dildo was pressed  at my now small gaper. "If you do a real fast and violent thrust to quickly expand his asshole..It may break down that assmuscle quickly" the strange voice said " goes....Oh yea!" I let out a huge moan as my asshole was quickly stretched to a 3" width and my entire rectum filled.  "he could hardly feel it..the narcotic works good, now lets get down to business....the dildo was worked in my asshole continuously for minutes upon minutes..after about 15 minutes of constant thrusting. The powerdrill was fitted with a 3-1/2" wide dildo. The  head was a massive mushroom head, and the boys were popping my asshole ring with in a matter of minutes, with no concern about the condition of my rectum which was turning to mincemeat now.  “Ok now attach it, but start real slow.
I could feel that shaft start to spin in my asshole. They had at least 8” inserted so the head was spinning near the end of my rectum 

“oh that feels great Kris,trash out my rectum, take it, its yours” “ You heard him, wreck it!” Kris pulled the trigger and “WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! My asshole!!!” The drill whirled to full power and the  massive head spun at 1200 rpm, tearing up rectum muscle. The boys continued to stroke it in and out at high power  “Pull it out, Pull it out!, your mutilating my rectum!” The boys just slobbered and I passed out from the narcotic and the  pleasure of my anal destruction. The drill ripped open my assring for 10 more minutes as the other prepped the saw-z-all with another dong of equal if not slight bigger.. “now hurry!, lets trash out the lower colon and bend with this monster.  Just as I woke from the new machine in my asshole they pulled they  trigger

“Ohhh shit!!!!!!,. oh ruin me Daddy I'm going to squirt".  Kris kept the saw-z-all at half power as he probed my rectum looking for the colon bend opening.  "There is the bend" he announced as the saw was stopped. He probed the big head into the colon bend as One man
destroyed my rectum as the other tortured my nuts and cock into coming….He hit the power switch to 1/2 power, straightening out his colon at high speed....."Oh Oh Oh FUCK!!, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa punch my colon out" he screamed as the rapid action shook his body, he squirted off again, trashing out his asshole and colon bend for good...

The end of day one..
The basic adapter kit

Inline power driving dong machine

Friday, May 27, 2016

The missing story series - Uncle Greg

The missing story series- Uncle Greg

The Missing Story Series- Uncle Greg

Uncle Greg waved at them and they came walking towards us.  Although, with my back to them, I knew they couldn't see who I was, though I could see them in the mirror. They came up and Jack started, "Uh, hey Greg, was wondering when you, uh,..." His voice trailed off and he almost blushed when he realized it was me sitting across from Uncle Greg. Uncle Greg saw it and said, "Yeah, meant to come by yesterday, but, we had some things to get done. Have a seat Jack. Ray, sit over there by Johnny.  Johnny, this is Ray and you know Jack." I nodded and smiled as I said, "Hi Jack. Nice to meet you Ray."  Jack almost blushed again as he said, "Hi Johnny."  Ray, the older man asked, "You're his nephew huh!?  Never met any of Greg's relatives."  Uncle Greg said, "He's from California Ray." Ray asked, "That so? Well, how do you like being in Ohio? Probably pretty boring for you, right?" I smiled and said, "Oh no, its not boring at all!  In fact, I've had more fun in the last three days than I would have at home." I winked at Uncle Greg and at John, and Uncle Greg just smiled.  He said, "Yeah, Johnny's going to be here for about three weeks Ray. Plan on making sure he really enjoys himself while he's here.  You might want to come by the farm sometime Ray." Jack looked at Uncle Greg real fast and then, hung his head, as Ray said, "Haven't been out there for a while Greg, maybe I'll just do that." Uncle Greg said, "Well, give me a call and I'll make sure there's something cold to drink."  Ray started to say something, but just then, Molly came back with our food.  She put it on the table and nodded at Jack and then, at Ray, saying, "You boys want something to eat?"  I looked at Jack and he stammered, "Uh, I'll, uh, have some coffee Molly, uh, nothing else."  Ray said, "Just give me one of them sweet rolls you got Molly and the coffee." She nodded and walked off and I looked at Uncle Greg. He smiled and asked, "Listen, after we eat, how about you guys and me finally settling that deal we got going?" Ray said, "Sure. But don't you want to show Johnny around a bit?" Uncle Greg said, "Johnny can come with us. Ain't nothing he can't hear, right?" Ray nodded, but Jack interrupted and said, "I can't do it right now Greg. I have to go to the bank and meet the auditors. How about I join you in about an hour or so?" Uncle Greg nodded and said, "No problem Jack. Maybe by then, me and Ray will have worked out all the details any ways. Right Ray?"  Molly brought their coffee and Ray's roll and we sat there eating and chatting. I didn't join in, but I noticed that Jack kept stealing looks at me.

I decided to be cute and winked and licked my lips at him every so often and he'd blush and duck his head or act like he hadn't seen it. One time though, I thought he was going to lose it as he coughed into his cup and Uncle Greg had to slap him on the back.  He apologized for spilling his coffee and then, said, "Uh, Ray, I have to get back to the bank."  Ray said, "Right. Uh, see you in a few minutes Greg?" Uncle Greg said, "Sure Ray, be there as soon as we're finished eating."  Ray and Jack left as I looked over at Uncle Greg.  He moved his legs between mine under the table and said, "I saw what you were doing with Jack, Johnny."  I blushed and said, "I couldn't help it Uncle Greg. He looked so cute when he blushed!" He chuckled and said, "You shouldn't do that to a guy Johnny. Don't you realize how fucking cute you are?" I put my head on my hands at my chin and batted my eyes at him and asked, "Am I really cute Uncle Greg!?" He chuckled and hissed, "Stop it you little bitch!" I pursed my lips, acting like I was pouting and asked, "But I thought you wanted me to be a whore Uncle Greg?"  He chuckled and said, "You are a whore Johnny.  Just don't be so obvious around these folks, wouldn't want them to think the wrong thing." I hung my head and sipped at my coffee and he said, pushing his leg in between mine, "Besides, I think I might have something for you a little later." I looked up and asked, "Really?" He winked and we finished up our food. When we were through, we got up and he paid the check and we went out to the vette.  We got in and I drove.  He gave me the directions and as he did he said, "Now, when we get to Ray's office, I don't want you to be doing anything too obvious.

But I want to see if you can get him excited a little.  That old fart needs to have his balls drained and I think you're just the right faggot to do it!  Think you can handle that old man Johnny?" I said, "I don't think Ray's that old Uncle Greg.  Besides, he looked nice to me!!"  Uncle Greg laughed and slapped my knee and squeezed it as he said, "I think any guy with a dick looks good to you Johnny!" I giggled and said, "Oh Uncle Greg.  Stop it, you'll make me hard!!"  He laughed and said, "I want you to make Ray hard Johnny. Pull out all the stops and lets see how hot you can make him." I giggled again and said, "Ooo, you just want to see some stud fucking me again!"  He laughed and said, "But you look so cute with some big fuckers cock pumping into your sweet butt baby! I thought I'd lose it this morning when Jake fucked you! Man, he really put it to you!" I said, "Yeah, and my ass hole feels like he did too!" I licked my lips and said, "Hmmm, sure would like some more of that big cock of his! Loved it when he held my head between those big muscled, hairy thighs of his!!"  Uncle Greg laughed and groped my crotch and said, "You'd love any man that let you between his thighs!!" I laughed and pressed on his hand and said, "But none of them excite me the way you do Uncle Greg!"  He groped my crotch harder as he leaned over and kissed my cheek and said, "Good, cause I plan to, uh, excite you a lot while you're here!" I wiggled on the seat as I made the turn into the paring lot of a small office building and said, "Ooo, you are such a tease Uncle Greg!" He chuckled and groped me harder, making me moan and said, "I plan to do more than just tease you, you little cunt! Gonna keep your hot little butt and mouth full of so much cock, you won't even have to eat!"  We stopped and he let go of my crotch and I gasped as I sat there. He laughed and got out of the car and waited for me. I got out, adjusting my shorts as he chuckled and then, I followed him around the side of the building to a door.

We went in and then, down a little hallway and we were going into Ray's big office and he smiled as we came in. I sat on the leather couch against the wall as the two of them began talking. I didn't pay much attention to what they were saying.  I was just enjoying sitting there. But at one point, Uncle Greg lowered his hand along side his chair and made a motion with it and I knew what he wanted me to do. I stood up and stretched, and that lifted my tshirt up, exposing my stomach.  As I did that, I noticed that Ray looked up at me. I smiled at him and then, licked out at my lips as I rubbed my hand over my belly and then, pushed the tops of my shorts down a bit, exposing some of  my bald pubesHis eyes seemed to get a little bigger as I continued to rub my belly and down to my bald pubes. Then, I turned and leaned over the couch, like I was looking at some magazines I'd laid there. I spread my legs and then, wiggled my ass as I flipped through some pages and then, turned and sat down. I knew I was being a little wanton, but knew this was what Uncle Greg wanted me to do.  I turned back around and sat down.  As I did, I put my feet up on the edge of the coffee table and spread my legs. I looked up at Ray and his eyes were all over me.  Even as Uncle Greg talked, I could tell, this man wanted me. I smiled at him and slid one hand down over my crotch and cupped my balls and cock. letting my head fall back, my eyes still on his.  Then, I moved my hand along my inner thigh up to the leg of my shorts and pulled them back a bit.  I slid my hand up higher and I knew he could plainly see as I slid the finger up to my crack. I lifted my ass a little and then, pushed the material aside a little and knew he could see me putting my finger right into my asshole.  Then, I rolled over onto my side on the couch, still watching him, as I slid one side of my shorts down, exposing my bare ass cheek.  As I did, I slid the same finger, that I took the time to slide into my mouth and get wet, along my crack. I slid it into me and worked my hand up and down, knowing he could now see that I was fingering my asshole completely. Just then, Uncle Greg looked at Ray and then, back at me. He stood up and came walking towards me, winking as he hollered, "What the fuck do you think you're doing Johnny!?" I feigned being scared and said, "Uh, nothing, uh, Uncle Greg, its just that, uh, its, uh warm in here!!"  He moved closer to me and made it look like he was going to hit me and Ray stood up, saying, "Now hold on Greg!  No need to hit the guy!"  Ray came walking over to stand next to Uncle Greg and said, "Hold on Greg! Come on, no need to get violent. He didn't hurt me and in fact, he looks pretty good to me!" Uncle Greg turned towards Ray and asked, "That so!? I bet you'd like to have some of this big pussy's service?  Wouldn't you Ray!?"  Ray looked at me and then, back to Uncle Greg and I could see that his hardon was mounding his pants. He said, "Uh, well, uh, if you wouldn't, uh mind Greg.  If he's offering what I think he's offering, I'm willing to take it!"  Uncle Greg looked at me and asked, "Well bitch!? You want to tell us what you're offering Ray here?"

I smiled and lifted my ass up and slid my shorts down over my butt and wiggled it and said, "He can have my asshole Uncle Greg, if that's what he wants!"  Uncle Greg put his hands on his hips and looked at Ray and asked, "Ever see a fucking little faggot like this one Ray? Shit, this bitch ain't happy less some guys got his cock up his asshole! Yeah, just a fucking, dildo little cock whore aren't you Johnny!?"  I giggled and wiggled my butt at him and Ray. Ray was turned on now as he started to move towards me. I slid off the couch onto my knees as he got close and looked up at him and rubbed the mound in his pants. I asked, "Do you want me to please your big dick stud!?  Want me to give you a blowjob Ray, or, do you want to fuck me!!?"  Ray pushed my hand off his mound and unzipped his pants, pulling his almost seven inch uncut cock out of them. He pulled my head back as he guided the head of his hard cock to my lips and said, "Suck me faggot!!, while your uncle hammers out your asshole with that 10" dildo" I moaned as my mouth slid onto his cock and began to bob on it, as Uncle Greg laughed and said, "See what I mean Ray? Just hungry for a big hard dick in his mouth!, Watch this, he took a the huge dildo aimed it at Johnny asshole and slammed it home" Ray said, "Man, this feels good! Yeah, suck me Johnny, suck that hard meat baby, suck it!!, that big dildo in your asshole" Uncle Greg pummeled my asshole hard with the BAM dildo, long deep strokes way up into me as I sucked on Ray's cock and then Ray began to pump it to my mouth. I held onto his hips as he slid it in and out fully, down into my throat as my nose was crushed into his fly with each thrust.  Uncle Greg was standing right next to us working my hole as I was sucking and I slid my hand to his bulge and groped it in his pants. I got the zipper down and pulled his cock out as he chuckled and I began to stroke his cock. Ray said, "Shit, looks like he wants to service us both Greg!" Uncle Greg ruffled my hair and said, "He would to,if I let him, but he's your toy for now Ray!  Feed him that big hard meat man, fuck his slutty asshole!.  Just like you did to Craig and Kyle when you taught them how to suck cock!"  Ray laughed and said, "They were hungry little bastards weren't they! Almost as good as Johnny here, but ooo, yeah, that feels real nice Johnny! Please that dick honey, please it!!" I moaned as I flicked my tongue along the underside of his cock as he slid it in and out, suctioning in with my cheeks, enjoying Ray's hard meat in my mouth.  I was still stroking Uncle Greg's cock and he didn't stop me as he was enjoying watching me service Ray's cock .  Then, Ray grasped my head and pulled on my ears and began to thrust in and out of my mouth faster and faster. I moaned as I relaxed and let him use my mouth, that hard meat pumping in and out lusciously. Then, he jerked me down on his cock, burying it in my throat as he crushed  my face into the fly of his pants. He then quickly pulled out, mounted me doggy style and sunk right into my asshole, right along side the big dildo. As he did, his cock shot into my pussy and I moaned as I rocked my hips from side to side as he fed his cream into me.  As his flow stopped, I pulled back and looked up at him and smiled as he smiled down at me. Just then, Uncle Greg said, "You little bastard! Oh, uh, uh, oh take my cream JOHNNY!!" I quickly slid my mouth over the head of his cock and it shot, ropey strands into my mouth as he leaned on my shoulders.  Then, I licked at the head till he stopped cumming and then, backed off.

As I did, I looked over at Ray and he had taken off his pants and shorts and unbuttoned his shirt.  He was stroking his cock and said, "I want your asshole now Johnny!" I giggled as I moved over to the couch and sat back on it, my ass at the edge. I lifted my legs and spread them and made my hole pulse as I said, "Its all your Ray!"  He moved over in front of me and then, leaned over me as he guided his cum and spit wet cock to my asshole. I gasped and moaned eagerly as his cock slid up into me. It may not have been as big as Jake's, or Uncle Greg's for that matter, but it sure felt good going in.  I slid my hands up under his shirt and felt his lightly haired chest and began to play with his tits. He groaned and then, locked his arms under my legs, spreading me wider as he began to pound that hard meat of his in and out of me. Uncle Greg laughed and said, "Go for it Ray! Oh yeah man, fuck that faggot asshole! Give it all to him guy, make him moan like the bitch whore he is!!" I moaned alright, enjoying the way this older man was fucking me, so powerfully, but with a knowledge of what needed to be done. His cockhead scraped my prostate again and again, making me moan deeply as he rammed it to me.  I moaned as Ray said, "Oh man, tight ass, hot ass! Yeah, take my cock Johnny!  Feel it baby, feel it deep and hard!!" I groaned and writhed on the couch under him as he fucked me long and hard.  Then, he lifted up, stretching my legs out wide as he plowed into me, rocking me on the couch, the back of the couch hitting the wall with a loud thump each time he drove home. I didn't care, I was being fucked by a master fucker and I felt chills running up and down my spine as I received that hard fuck meat.  Then, his head flew back and he shouted, "Awwww man,  oh yeah,  take it,  take it,  take it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I felt his cock explode inside me and I clamped down on it, making him moan in pleasure as he felt my ass milking his cum into me.  I continued to work my inner ass muscles on his cock inside me as he leaned over me, his hands flat on the wall. Then, it began to soften and I eased off of it and slid down under him.  I took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it, licking and cleaning it of my ass juices and his cum as he leaned over me, saying, "Aww shit, yeah, clean that cock baby, clean that cock!  Man, you got him trained right Greg!" I heard Uncle Greg laugh as he said, "Didn't have to do too much.  The little faggot already knew how to take care of a studs cock!"  Ray pulled his cock from my mouth as I looked up at him and smiled as I licked my lips. He pressed his cock and balls against my face and said, "Wow Johnny, no wonder Greg here looked so relaxed this morning!" Uncle Greg laughed and said, "Shit, the way that little fucker worked his ass on my cock this morning, I thought he wanted it stuck in him for the rest of his life!!"  He laughed louder and Ray pulled my face into his crotch and crushed my head with his thighs as he ground his balls and cock over my flushed face. 

Then, he pulled back. I looked up at him and knew I wanted more of this man and his cock and stuck my tongue out and slid it along the soft meat, feeling it stiffen a bit.  He pulled my head back by the hair and asked, "You still want more dick bitch!?" I smiled and giggled and licked my lips and said, "I love dick Ray!"  He pushed me back for second and I stared up at him and Uncle Greg, who stood there, his big dick hanging out of his pants.  Ray went over to the phone and picked it up and talked for a bit and then, said, "Now we can play guys!" I looked at Uncle Greg and he was taking off his shirt. I looked at Ray and he had his off and was stroking his hardon as he walked towards me.  I don't know why, but I slid to all fours as he neared me, opening my mouth wide. He chuckled as he walked up and slid his cock into my mouth and held my head. Just then, I heard the door open and Ray said, "Come on in guys! Looks like Greg has brought us a toy to play with! Right Greg!?"  I felt my legs being spread and it was Uncle Greg's knees as his big hand slid along my crack and said, "You bet Ray! Since I found out my little nephew here just can't get enough dick, I plan to make sure he gets it!"  He groaned and I was shoved down to the hairs surrounding Ray's cock as Uncle Greg began to fuck me. I rocked between him and Ray and sucked and got fucked wildly as I used my body to please them.  Then, Ray shot off in my mouth and pulled out and as he did, another man I had barely known was there, shoved his cock into my hungry mouth. I began to suck, not caring who it was, it was a hard cock and I wanted it! I sucked eagerly as Uncle Greg continued to hammer my ass hole. Then, my knees lifted a bit off the floor as Uncle Greg slammed up into me and his cock exploded. I felt him pull out as I was having my face fucked by the man I was sucking.  Then, another cock was being shoved into my ass and I wiggled it eagerly as the man buried his cock up into me to the balls. I heard Ray laugh and say, "Go for it Brad, fuck that ass, fuck that cocksucking little bitch, he loves it!!"  Just then a hand came down on my ass and I jumped a little as I heard the man fucking me say, "Take that cock you little faggot whore, take it cocksucker!!"  Then, his hand was slapping me again, first one side of my butt cheeks, then the other, each time, he thrust his cock into me hard. 

The man feeding me his cock, jerked it from my mouth and jerked my head back and ordered, "Suck my balls fag boy!" I moaned as my head was angled back between his legs as he moved up over me, his balls covering my mouth. I could just see that the man was as old as Uncle Greg, a bit of a pot belly and his face was consumed in lust! I sucked on his balls and then, he closed his thighs around my face and said, "Yeah, suck 'em pretty boy!  Suck them big man balls, work that jizm in there, get it ready to be fed to your hot asshole!!" I couldn't believe the way I sucked on his balls, as the man fucking me had stopped hitting me, but was plowing his cock to my ass fully. Then, the man who's balls I was sucking, pulled them out of my mouth and jerked my face back to his cock, cramming it into my asshole one thrust. I almost screamed, but didn't as it slid easily in to my asshole and then, back out again. I knelt there, on all fours as the two men that I didn't even know worked their cocks in and out of each of my fuck holes.  I was lost in submission to cock again and didn't care how or how many times they fucked me.  I felt the hard shaft pulse and then, he was cumming in me.  He pulled back a bit and cum squirted from my asshole, rocking my hips wildly at his hard meat as it shot and shot. Just then, another man started fucking my asshole grasped my hips hard and ground his cock inside me, spreading me even wider as he said, "Awwwwww, yeah, feel my cream AnalSlut! Feel my cum your little hot assed bitch!!"  I moaned and tried to grip his cock with my asshole and squeezed eagerly on the shaft inside me, as I took the two loads that were being shot into me.  Then, the man in my asshole pulled out and shot more of his cum onto my back.  The man waiting in the wings said, "On your back bitch!  Gonna fuck you like the little analwhore you are!!" I eagerly rolled over onto my back as he continued to hold my head and slid in between my legs. I lifted them eagerly, spreading myself as he guided his cock to my cum dripping asshole.  My body arched and I moaned and shouted, "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!," as he drove his shaft up into me completely.

This man was as good at fucking as Ray was! I moaned in pleasure at the way he worked that hard meat of his in and out of me. I writhed on the floor, eagerly humping my ass up for more as, every so often, he'd pump into me and do this wild hip hunch a few times, punching his cock inside me and then, back to long dicking me. I couldn't believe how turned on I was as I stared up at him and then, my head lolled from side to side. I could see Uncle Greg and Ray, leaning back against the desk as they watched me being fucked. I could see the other man, Brad, standing near my head, stroking his hard meat as he watched me getting fucked! Just then, Ray asked, "Hey Sam? How's that pussy guy!?" Sam, the man fucking me, did that movement again, hunching into me a few times, as he smiled down at me and said, "Best boy cunt I've had in a long time Ray! Hey, thanks for inviting me Greg!"  I groaned as he pulled his cock completely out and shoved it all the way back into me, hunching into me again as he did. Uncle Greg chuckled and said, "Don't mention it Sam, shit, ole Johnny here can go for a long time with the way you and Brad got him turned on! Tell them Johnny!  Tell these men what you want baby!"  I grasped at Sam's hard arms and begged, "I want your cock studs! I want more, more, more, more cock, more cock!!"  Sam laughed and lunged into me and then, as I writhed in sluttish lust on the floor, he pulled his cock out completely and then, crammed it back into me, then, out all the way, then, in all the way! My cock had begun to drip pre cum and cum as my balls boiled and then, I shot. My cum landed on Sam's belly and chest and on mine as I came and came, each time his cock slid up into me, scraping my prostate! Then, Sam crammed his cock into me and shouted, "Aw shit, take it you hot little cunt! Take it, aw, aw, oh yeah, oh, uh, uh!!" He shot inside me and then lay over me, covering me and then, he lifted up and pulled out of me.  As he moved away, I watched as Brad moved over me and pushed my legs back apart and ordered, "Guide me bitch! Show these studs where you want my cock honey!!" I reached between my legs and grasped his big hard cock and guided the head to my oozing hole and wiggled my ass against it and begged, "I want it right there Brad, please, please, right there Brad! Please, uh, plea..... uh, uh, oh, oh , yes, yes, yes!!!!"  His head flew back and I stared in lust up at this man as he drove his cock in and out of me wildly. I was getting fucked completely again and lost myself in the wild sensations. After Brad came inside me, he jerked my head down to his cock and made me suck his cock clean. I did it eagerly, wanting to suck it.  Then, Ray came over and pushed me over the edge of the couch and slid his hard cock back up into me as I wiggled my ass in wanton sluttish want for it!  He began to fuck my asshole he pushed my face down onto the  leather couch.  Then Brad moved up next to us on the couch, on his knees and held his cock and said, "Here you go fag boy!  Look what daddy Brad has for you honey mouth! Open wide honey, open wide!!" I did as he wanted as I heard Ray laughing as he fucked me. Then, I was sucking on Brad's cock as Ray fucked me. Ray came inside me and then, Brad held my head and fed me another load of his cum and I swallowed it eagerly and sucked on his cock harder for more. After that, the four men sat around the office naked, drinking cold drinks as I knelt on the floor, still bent over the edge of the couch. I could feel their cum oozing down the insides of my thighs, but I didn't care, I was feeling so good from being fucked.  I don't know how long they rested, but then, Sam came over and shoved his cock to my ruined asshole, holding my hips as he plowed into me, making me moan as he put it to me.

After him, Brad fucked me again, then, Ray did.  Finally, they were tired of me and Uncle Greg pointed to a little door and said, "Go in there and get cleaned up bitch!" I stumbled to the door and found a small bathroom behind it. I washed off my face and body and used the commode to unload what was inside me and then, came out.  Sam was the only one that wanted to use the bathroom, as he slapped my ass and went by me to it, he said, "Hot little fuck hole Johnny!" I walked over to my tshirt and shorts and slid into them, as the men in the room began to get dressed. I sat on the couch and just stared out the window as they finished up their business. Then, Uncle Greg stood up and said, "Come on Johnny! Time to leave." I stood up and told Ray, Sam and Brad that I, "Really enjoyed myself here today guys!  Ooo, yeah, it was really loads of fun!!"  They chuckled, Uncle Greg did too, and Brad cupped his crotch and said, "Not to mention the loads of cum you took baby!"  That set off another round of laughter.  It really didn't bother me as I was used to being talked about that way by now. I followed Uncle Greg back out to the car and he got in and drove, as I napped in the passengers seat. It had been one wild day and I knew, the night was going to be just as wild, if Uncle Greg and his two hunky stud sons had anything to say about it. And, I knew they would and was looking forward to it.

The End

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The missing story Series- RUINER

The missing Story Series- RUINER

Johnny walked slowly over towards the vaulting horse, converted to a BDSM anal horse, the piece of equipment had arm and ankle restraints, a hole in the base so they could insert his cock and tied off nuts thru. This gave the ass workers the option of working his nuts or sounding out his piss slit, as the others destroy his asshole.  He was ready, more than ready. Cleaned out a couple of hours ago, he felt loose, open, ready. His anus was already lubed and his ass cheeks slid deliciously against each other, the sensuous feel of his inner ass cheeks smooth skin sliding across each other was intoxicating. Inside he felt empty and ready to be filled. His nuts were tied off individually with large rubber bands, then another large one around the entire sack as well, then his bald cock was oiled down with plenty of baby oil, leaving his bald pubic area glistening and looking so slutty.  Gary, the current assmaster, worked the whores nuts until the sluts little bald cock got rock hard. Then he took a pencil thick sound and slid it down his 4 inch shaft, fucking the piss slit a few times as a primer for today’s session.

Rarely did he feel this ready to get his asshole destroyed and hoped that his limits would be pushed beyond anything he had ever experienced. Reaching the horse he bent over it, the lightly padded, leather covered high bench cool to his skin. His oiled up cock and tied off nuts were fed into the hole. His bald cock and nuts hung below, fully exposed for work. The bench was just the right height, allowing enough room for his ankles to be cuffed on the outside with his feet flat on the floor. His wrists were cuffed straight out in front of him, arms tightly stretched, holding him almost immobile over the horse. It was wide enough so that it did not cut into his belly but rather let his stomach rest comfortably. With 2 or more assmasters working him on the bench, they could hold his ass cheeks wide open as another reamed the asshole or double fuck his piss slit in unison with his asshole. Sometimes working his nuts would send him over the top, making him cum. Assmaster Gary would usually punch fist his asshole first, plug it, then concentrate of working the cock and nuts to drain load after load out of the whore.

Johnny felt Gary’s hand lightly caressing his butt, adding more lube to anus. He was sure now that it was to be his asshole and not his tied off nut sack. His hand left off stroking him for a moment as he laid out the toys on a bench in front of him. He saw dildos of varying sizes plus a fist shaped one. He picked up the smallest, 12 inches long and two inches wide. He first used it to slap the boys tied off nut sack

Stepping behind him, he waited for the moment. Ahhhhhhh, here it was, the head pressing against his loose asshole. He relaxed his asshole and then there was no pressure before the head slithered inside. He felt himself open and let the dildo in, feeling it slide past his anal ring. He loved this moment, the slight pause while his rectum adjusted, then the slow advance. Not this time though, the dildo just kept going in, slowly, but with no pause. Then it was against the colon bend opening, but not at quite the right angle. Quickly it built up pressure inside him and he struggled to move his hips and get the right angle so it could enter the colon more deeply. However he was held too tightly in his bonds. He felt the dildo bend inside him.

Johnny mentally objected to this, felt cheated. He wanted the swift in and out fucking of his asshole. He wanted to feel it pushing up against the back of the rectum. Instead, the dildo kept up a continuous pressure against his insides. Frantically he began to try and move into the proper position to allow deeper entrance. All of a sudden it leapt deeper, entering his inner passage and continuing deeper into him. Now there were nine inches inside. He could sense rather than feel his inner ring clasp and slide down the dildo as it rebounded from the pressure of being forced up inside him before giving way. He knew now that it would be able to slide in all the way. Another inch or two and it would be visible through his belly moving inside him if he had not been laying over the horse. However he would be able to feel it pressing against the horse. Yes, there it was, the familiar deep insertion feeling.

He pushed in the last couple of inches and Johnny had taken it all. Not allowing him even a moment to enjoy it, he ripped the dildo from his rectum at high speed almost cause the asshole to come out the open hole, and walked around to the bench.  He picked up the urethral sound he first used on his piss slit. His split Johnny piss slit with his thumb and forefinger, and slid the sound down his slit again. Once fully inserted down his shaft, he began to push deeper past the prostrate. Once all 8 inches were firmly planted in his slit. He held the only nub end by placing his thumb over the end of the boys cock head. Now fully inserted, a rubber band was placed tightly around the cock-head holding the sound in place.  Now he went for the nuts, kneading them like marbles in his hand. He knew this would make him cum hard, 3 fingers reaching around found his open asshole, and stuffed them in just enough to send him over the edge. The analboy screamed out

“Oh my slit and nuts, Im cummminnnnnnnng”

The whore shot cum from his bald cock with the sound firmly planted. Satisfied for his first cum shot he set the sound on the bench and picked up the next larger dildo. The dildo was a long, flexible eighteen inches, three inches in diameter.

He walked around him and without any warning started feeding it into his asshole. Johnny experienced a moment of panic that he was not giving him time to prepare, but then it was pushing hard against him before the head sprung inside him, popping the asshole ring. This more like it! It was thick enough to cause his sissy cock to jump and get hard. He held it at a higher angle of attack so that when it was forced to curve up to enter his intestines it formed an arc that pressed against his insides. He made quick, short jabs until it was forced into his lower colon.

Involuntarily he tried to clench his anus around it, squeezing hard, but his asshole ring muscle has lost all ability to clamp down after hundreds of previous sessions. He gasped, felt his knees weaken as his belly pressed harder against the bench. His Asshole was starting to spasm slightly and he bucked against the dildo. Then he was sliding it deeper. When he had almost a foot in hm he reached the next obstacle. Johnny always thought of it as “the turn”. A spot inside his colon where it had to be worked a bit before proceeding. Once past there he knew it would slide in another few inches with ease. The problem was he was pressed so hard against the bench that the thick dildo was pressed against the edge of the horse as well as at his turn. He pushed harder and he could feel the head of the dildo finally ride up over the edge of the horse and slide around inside him.

Oh God! This was it! He drove it in further until he was taking about 15 inches. Then he withdrew it a half foot and rammed it back in. He could hardly breathe when it rode up on the horse and slid further into him, such was the excitement. He began to fuck him seriously, jerking the dildo back and then jabbing it back in. He didn’t realize it was going in a little deeper with each thrust. All he knew was that the hard fucking in his asshole was driving him sexually higher. He panted with arousal, his legs shaking, his tied of nuts and cock swinging with each hard thrust. He approached orgasm again. Suddenly he ripped the dildo from his body. He tried to grab it frantically with his ass! If only he could get it back inside him! He squeezed his guts, uselessly trying to grab the dildo with his wrecked asshole. He pushed back searching for it, squeezing his insides. His rectum began to be pushed from his body, a red tube a bit over two inches across sticking a good inch outside his anus. He prolapsed the rectum good.  Pulling hard against his wrist bonds he wiggled his ass, searching. In his frustration he writhed against his bonds seeking release. He was behind him, watching him struggle, the way his ass cheeks clenched and unclenched, his rectum pulsing in and out of his asshole. His flesh quivered and sweat began to roll off him.  The assmaster formed a circle with his thumb and fore finger and slid it over his red rectum meat tube, Squeezing and playing with the prolapsed rectum, causing the whore to let out a huge moan. He stuck his other hand under the horse and went for the tied off nuts and cock, jacking him and holding the prolapse out, the whore squirted off again.

Stepping carefully to avoid slipping in the combined cum juice and lube that puddled across the floor he went up to the bench, laid the one he had just pulled from his body down, and picked up the next one. He casually noticed how cool this next one was compared to the heat of the one that had just come from within his rectum. He glanced at him and looked calmly into his eyes. Eyes that beseeched him, begging for him to give him yet another cum shot. Bending down a bit to look straight at him, he merely watched him, amused by the frustration he felt. He noted how squeezed his nut-sack was from the tight rubber-bands around them.   He wanted so bad to slip the sound deep in him and work the asshole in unison.

He held the next dildo before him, and his eyes lit up. This was his favorite one. They had made it themselves. The domed top was three inches across, quickly spreading to five inches. Not counting the neck above the flare of the base it was seven inches long, five of those inches were the full diameter of five inches also, about sixteen inches around. Then it quickly necked down to two inches before flaring out to the flat five inch diameter base. This plug, handmade from OOMOO Silicone, weighed many pounds. It severely stretched him going in, then again its length, coupled with its width, really stretched his rectum in all directions. Normally it was used only for having it inside him for long periods, not for fucking him. Johnny assumed he would be released from the horse and his bonds once he had worked it inside him.

The assholes spasms had quieted by the time he returned behind him. He looked at how slick his asshole is, how swollen and ruined his asshole is. The large dong hung close to the open asshole, he was about to butt slam it in again.  He turned slightly sideways and used his upper thigh, below his hip, to lean against the base of the dildo and put slight pressure against it. Leaning in more he watched as his anal ring began to open and accept it, at least the first inch or so. It appeared to enter him further but he knew this was just an illusion. His asshole was being pushed inside him, but not yielding to the dildo yet. He pushed slowly, but with greater pressure.

Johnny felt his asshole open a bit, to the point where now a small pain was beginning to build. Soon he knew that it would become an increasingly dull ache, and then it would feel as if his pelvic bones would have to separate to let it in. He took a deep breath and tried to relax, knowing how hard it was to get the massive plug in. Incrementally it entered him, each fraction of an inch expanding his asshole. He was breathing harder now, but not in the deep relaxing breaths but harder, quicker breaths. His rectum was expanding, squeezing his prostrate, pushing out more of his cream. God, it was getting wide! He could only wait. Wait for that moment when his asshole gave out just that little and he knew it was going to slide in. when that happened his anal ring would run down the plug, a white stretched band encircling the five inch diameter plug and appear to suck it in. This was what happened when someone fisted him, and when finally gaining admittance inside him, commenting on how he had sucked the hand in. But it really wasn’t getting sucked in, it was just that his ass ring made it over the “hump” of the knuckles and slid down the back of the hand.

Ahhhhhhh…….that was it! The angle was just right, his asshole was so stretched, but he knew he was going to make it. Just a little bit more…… oh, there….yes… was going in. Quickly the huge plug now rushed in and his ass lips closed over it, nestled around the short throat that led to the base. Relief! Sweet relief! It was in him. His entire rectum stretched, full, his pelvis seeming to be enlarged, bones spread. His cock was so compressed that as he squirted there was nowhere for the pee that jetted from his peehole.

He waited now, ready for his bonds to be released, wondering where he was going to take him, as he always did when the plug was inside him. Instead he kept up steady pressure, forcing his partly closed anal ring against the flatness of the base. He couldn’t believe it, what was he doing? He wasn’t sure that he could take the base also, the plug would have to penetrate his inner sphincter and it was to wide for that, what was he thinking?

He pushed harder, substituting his hand for his hip, so he could work the base inside him. He stepped back and braced, and leaned into him. Johnny held his breath although he was unaware of it. He wanted it in, the whole thing. He wanted the base inside so it would push out his anal ring. He wanted to be led in public gay bath house and be shown to people so they could marvel at what he had done. His cock quivered with the idea of taking the whole thing, it would be a first. He wanted more, he always did. He wanted a bigger one, and longer, shoved up his asshole, swelling up his belly, weighting his insides. He wanted it in him and he would walk around, feeling it jostling his insides, pushing his internal organs around, see it bouncing and moving within his belly, a huge bulge in his abdomen that he could caress with his hands. Total rectal destruction!

He pushed back against him as well as he could, not sure where the hold up was. Was his asshole not opening? Was his inner ring the stopping place? He leant forward as much as he could, then hurled his body back. He felt the ties off nuts swing,  when it went in. He had given a massive thrust as he shoved back.

The plug entered him! His body gave way, He screamed as it tooks his asshole to the maximum width! As his asshole stretched over the flange of the base his inner ring also gave way and it entered his intestines. His momentum carried him further and as his hand entered him, pushing the plug, it just continued deeper. His mind and body exploded. His cock precummed, his assshoel  distended, his insides spasmed and he internally ground his colon bend muscles against the mass inside him. He neared cun shot, he wanted to cum desperately, he had to cum, but he couldn’t. It was too much for him and he couldn’t. Something needed to be on his cock or nuts, a clamp maybe. Or he needed to grind against something. But there wasn’t anything there. Just an excruciating pressure that was driving his lust and at the same time denying him.

His inner colon ring closed around the base of the plug and it was fixed deep inside here. He could feel the pressure of it where it pressed against the horse and his abdomen. It was difficult for him to breathe. He saw this and came around and released his wrist restraints and carefully and slowly helped him to stand on his widespread feet. He wanted to bend over and roll his stomach, to feel what was inside him. He bent down and released his ankles and helped him stand. His feet slipped on the wet floor and he held him up. His hands dropped between his legs and he grabbed himself and rubbed and beat on his little bald cock. He had even forgot to ask permission to cum so desperate was his need. His body was trying to reject the mass inside but the plug was buried to deeply. He could feel his body trying to eject it but all he wanted was to cum. Taking deep, wracking breaths he masturbated desperately.  "Ohh ruin me so I can cum" he cried

He held Johnny as he started squirting off from anal again. His body convulsed, as his cum shot did done, the pee trapped inside him released, when he slammed the monster in further. The violence of the contractions started to force the plug from him and it was pushed down. However it was too tightly trapped in his colon, held there by his inner sphincter so his rectum started to eject from his body instead, a comple prolapse was produced. That red tube of glistening flesh unrolled from his asshole. A red tube with a hole in the end that led inside him, but was now extending out from his asshole. The lower the plug dropped the further as his asshole prolapsed, until it was about four inches outside of him. Still his orgasm continued and his prolapsed rectum pulsed. As his rectum rolled outside of his body the base of the plug finally stopped a couple of inches past his asshole, only it was wrapped up by his rectum. His asshole was an incredibly stretched ring through which jutted his rectum surrounding the lower part of the butt plug. The opening at the top of the rectum was now a gaping hole, inverted to outside his body and the base of the plug was visible up that hole.

Johnny collapsed over the horse as his asshole ejected the plug. His upper body lay against the bench of the horse as his butt stuck out behind him, and sticking out of his ass a good six inches, was his rectum, about four inches across, a gaping hole at the end. Johnny collapsed like this, spent, exhausted. The assmaster could resist the prolapse hole, and stuck his 9 inch cock in the meat tube, he sank to the balls, his thumb and forfinger wrapped around the base of the prolapse to keep it from going back in. He used the red meat tube as a jacking tube "Ohh fuck my tube Daddy, your gonna make me cum again" he said...It looked so hot the assmaster creamed the red meat tube good.

End of a hot rectal abuse session