Saturday, June 9, 2018

More New Pics are coming

Its been a long time since I posted any new pics or vids on here., My last pic post was 2/28/18. Lately anal has been 1 on 1, so its hard to take good pics or vids w/o a camera man.

Problem solved. we gotta guy to take pics of me getting my asshole destroyed.  So new pics should be coming soon,  We just have to set things up.  Stay Tuned.


Here are my last posts in case you missed it

Sir Eradication 2

Sir Eradicate hooks up with Analboy, a True Story, The RECTAL destruction continues...

Sir Eradicate #2

My second visit was the next day, and I was in for some more extreme anal work. This time I knew my role, and walked in went down to the basement playroom, stripped naked, and spread myself over the sofa arm, holding my ass cheeks, inviting him into my rectum. He saw my huge asshole and wasted to time greasing down a 3 inch wide dildo.  " Now slut its time to learn why they call me Mr. Eradicator, because your asshole ring muscle is going to decimated today" He said. With that he slide the 3 incher into my rectum without warning, "Ohhh gawd" I yelled.  "Take it slut" he said. He left the monster lodged in my rectum, grabbed my cock and pushed in down, resting on the sofa cushion so my cock was fully exposed, my 4 incher started growing hard from the width in my asshole. He grabbed a pencil thick sound, split my pisslit with his two fingers and inserted 6 inches into my cock, " I gurgled and wimped at the things slid up my slit. Then he went back to paying attention to the dong lodged in my rectum.  

"lets fuck up your asshole boy!" He grabbed a rag and wrapped it around the handle for no-slip and went to town on my asshole, plunging full force in and out the entire 9 inch length, each time he could feel it popping into my colon bend, which only fueled his thrusting.  "Yea take it asshole!" I screamed, as my asshole was taking it good.  He kept on stroking the sound n and out of my slit in unison.

Soon I could feel my asshole ring muscle breaking down, Sir E noticed "Your anal ring is shot, and loos so beautiful and natural on slutty you, that its gonna make me cream your destroyed ring again, in 10 seconds" he said let go of his sound and blew a huge load in my open asshole "Its so HOT inside my rectum! I said, and that was the finale for the day

The end

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sir Eradication

Sir Eradicate hooks up with Analboy, a True Story

A very dominant fisting top contacted me last wanting to brutalize my slutty asshole for his pleasure. I figured, I was the anal whore that could give him what he needed.  He would not give his name. He told me to call him SIR ERADICATE (as in decimate my asshole), but i could call him Sir E for short.  I was to meet him at his house, and he would do my asshole in his basement playroom.

We net at his side door. He was dressed in leather chest harness and leather pants. When he closed the door, i saw his hard cock was hanging out.  "Into the basement slut, time to mutilate your asshole so i can cum" he said.  He never called me by my name, only Whore, Slut, Anal Slut or Ass hole whore.  He had a fully equipped  playroom and roughly stripped of all of my clothes quick l. He tied a thick leather shoe string several times around my nuts only, tight isolating them off for asshole work.

He snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and greased each hand. Then he draped me over a padded sofa arm, spread my ass-cheeks for inspection. His hand went up my asshole and I screamed. "Scream and moan all you want, no one can hear you.  I could tell he was a well trained fister, and how to take my rectum hard.  He started alternating hand fisting me fast, Left, right, left, right, twisting his closed fist in my rectum, determined to try and damage it.  My asshole was huge and taking it like a champ.  I tried to hold of my anal cum shot. Then, i heard a loud moan as Sir E shot of from fisting me. he creamed my mutilated asshole rim with his load, but kept right on fisting. I was about to squirt myself, getting into the ruff anal, and my cum shot was building, A solid punch and twist in

"Im Cumming!, oHHH FUCK!" i screamed and creamed the sofa arm beneath me
"Good job!, you passed, Come again tomorrow or the next day for a repeat performance, and thats a Order you slutty anal whore"

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Poised for rectal destruction

Analboy was poised for rectal destruction, Having spent the whole weekend, the two tops, Dave and Cliff had battered his asshole at least 3 times a day in regular 3 hour intervals, near the end is asshole was hanging bad, no elasticity or ability to tighten up.  It was time for the 2 men to polish off his asshole for good.

Analboy and the two men spent the night before, fixing up the basement room for tomorrows rectal destruction, A padded table with large pillows would keeps his asshole hiked up high and the center of attention for the horny men.  A peg board was was set up for all the massive dildos to help ruin his asshole.  Small buckets of mixtures of Jlube and tubes of KY jelly were readily available.  Final a automatic popper dispensing machine, was loaded with fresh new strong poppers and an aquarium   pump would blow a thick cloud of poppers right up his nose when the men really wanted his asshole to lose control.

As they 3 men prepared the room, Analboy was kept naked constantly not allowed any clothing, Only his nuts tied off with a thick rubber band.  He was useless when it came to lifting heavy things or moving furniture, Skinny, and weak. But the men enjoyed his naked body bending over to pick up boxes.   His ass cheeks would spread open slightly and the men could clearly see his enlarged rectum hanging there, causing bulges to grown in there pants. They could not wait any longer.

" Lets get this show on the road, Analsut, Take you viagra pill and your muscle relaxer pill for your anal ring, We want your little bald cock rock hard, and your asshole super relaxed so we can destroy your rectal function.

"Fuck yea, Ruin me!", Ill get ready the slut said, and headed to the bathroom, to get ready.

When I came out them men were rock hard and waiting for me. "You ready to get your rectum pulverized again slut?"
"Yea, Im nice and loose and clean" I said.

I was immediately stripped naked and 3 fingered out withing 5 minutes, Swirling 3 fingers got my asshole hot for anal quickly like usual. 
"My asshole is gonna let loose nicely men!" I said

"Quickly strap the slut in the fuck bench and grab a big dildo" Bill said
Bob helped me into the fuck bench, Doggy style now, , With Hips on the elevated pad, face down my big asshole high hiked up and spasming open and shut for anal, they loved it and could not wait to tag team my rectum to ruin.

They launched into my asshole with a 3 inch dongs for a full rectal attack, tag teaming back and forth, I was groaning like a mottor boat, my asshole creaming up mucous from the onslaught. of my rectum.

Bob Said" Ok the first one to make his bald cock squirt gets to cum into him first", each man proceeded to dildo punch the shit out of my asshole, I started immediately to squirt off like a slut from anal and Bob immediately sunk his 7 inch cock to the balls and came...

"Ahhhhh nice asshole you slut" he said creaming me up.

They gave me a short break and repeated this all afternoon long for 4 hours, about 4 loads creamed my battered asshole and rectum.  My asshole muscle was shot, by the time the last load creamed me. It took my asshole 2 days to recover.


A comment on my Xtabe Account (analboy44256)

No turning back now. Just let your asshole transform into squishy fisting meat that simply envelopes the close fist with wet warmth. Your asshole has already changed and is needing this everyday now so stopping is really out of the question.  Id be so happy to transform your asshole into a sloppy fisting sleeve for others.  Have your meat hanging out at all time, naked  constantly and always shaved like the slut you are.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Frank Gets trained how to work Analboys Asshole- Act II

ACT 2 Frank gets trained how to work Analboys Asshole

Frank followed the Assmaster into another room across the hall. It was a smaller room and appeared to be an office with a desk covered in some files and a few tablets. The man sat in the chair at the desk and retrieved a bottle of beer from the mini fridge behind him. After taking a chug he turned back to Frank

"So now that you've seen what we do, why don't we introduce ourselves? I'm Chris," he said while extending his hand. Frank looked down at the still wet and greasy hand but opted to not shake it.

"I'm Frank," he replied.

Chris retracted his hand, understanding Franks reluctance to touch it. "You don't have to tell me how you found this place," Chris started. "You obviously have some exposure to have brought you here. I think the more interesting question is now that you're here, what do you plan to do? You took the initiative to seek us out, you walked inside, and you watched entirely what I did. If I were in your place, the answer would be trivial."

"All I wanted was to find out if this was real. It's clear to me now after having seen what you did to him. He was even enjoying it! Now I see how you ruined his asshole and love it? It seems so HOT. I would like to be trained by you and ruin his asshole with you.

"The curious cat, huh? You said it yourself, he was enjoying it. Many people pursue sexual stuff that would destroys there assholes. Some people even find pain pleasurable to have a non functioning asshole like Analboy wants his. It's not some rocket science. Is that hard to accept?"

"Well, no," answered Frank.

"That's really all there is to it. Analboy in there had years of rectal training to be able to do what he does now and experiences nothing but pure enjoyment for it. In fact it’s the only way he can cum now, I have him addicted to his rectum. I'm sure you saw one of our little carrots or heard from word of mouth. About Analboy?"

"Matt...told me"

"Matt, Jim, Andrew, Robert, there are many recruiters out there for Analboy"

"So he did he job then, since I'm here."

"Perhaps," replied Chris. "If he thought you were the type of person to accept us and want to help aid in Analboys rectal destruction. There are only a few places like this in the city, and this one would've been the closest to your location. If you had ended up at the other club you would've found something entirely different, they would be drilling out his rectum too. If you think what we do here is dangerous you should be happy you don't live further away. I could show you around the equipment and get you started working him with one of our toys to see how you like it."

"Id love to !" replied Frank excited. "Matt didn't choose me, it was meant for my friend Larry."

"Why don't you let him make his own decision," added Chris. 

With Chris's last bit of advice Frank returned to the front door and stepped outside into the cool night air. As he looked to his left and right he could
see nothing but the flat street and vacated buildings from end to end. Only the street lights would keep him company in the dark.

"It's quite late," said Chris from behind. "You won't be able to take the same train back home at this time, and I don't see any rides for you. I would feel bad if you had to walk back. There's a spare room inside if you want to stay here, just for tonight."

Frank turned back to look at Chris once more. Frank didn't feel comfortable heading back on foot either, especially considering its distance. "It's safe here. Just me and Freddie at the moment. Trust me." The young top Frank took Chris up on his offer, coming to the conclusion that he would be able to handle them if they wanted to start his fisting training tonight. Chris showed him to a room on the ground floor that had 2 bunks against the wall. 

"The sheets are clean, the bathroom is just around the corner. There's also a kitchen down the hall, you can help yourself to anything there."
"Thanks," Frank replied. "I'll leave in the morning." Placing his bag on the side of the bed, Frank sat down and watched Chris head back upstairs. He looked at his phone to realize how late it was. He contemplated calling Larry and telling him what happened but he needed time to collect and process the events of the night. He lay down onto the hard bed and stared up at the bottom of the top bunk. Frank wondered what he had gotten himself into, but needed to wreck Analboys slutty asshole too. He had to see it totally ruined.


Chapter 5

Fay ran towards the club trying to come up with the proper words he would speak to his new asstrainer. When he reached the front door he found it unlocked. Without hesitation, he entered the building and heard screams coming from the second floor. He hurried to the equipment room he was introduced to before only to see Analboy Fully gaped out asshole, totally wrecked asshole.

"Welcome back. You're just in time to see what Analboy can do."

Analboy raised his head from watching the 2 men lube his asshole up and Frank faced his dream slut directly in front of him.

Frank walked into the room and looked over Analboys naked skinny body. There were no signs of abuse, no cuts, no marks of bruises or beatings.

Chris and the other man continued to coat the remainder of Analboys fair skin with plenty of baby oil.

"This is Hot Frank, learn to train my rectum too It feels so good, what
they do to me. I can't even describe to you. Matt already said he'll take care of me. We'll live together at the families private resort."
Frank walked closer, nearly face to face. Before he could open his mouth, Analboy released a loud squeal and threw his head to the side. Looking down, Frank watched as Chris and the other man each had shoved their entire fists up Analboys rectum.

"Oh god," Frank said shocked. The speech he had clumsily come up with during his trip was rapidly evaporating along with the cries of Analboy as his anal
cavity was spread apart to the maximum allowable, without tearing his ring.

He gasped. Chris and the other man pushed ever deeper up his rectum forcing their forearms up the elbows into the slut.

"Oh fuck!, Destroy my rectum guys!" Screamed Analboy. One guy pulled out, the other proceeded punch fisting his rectum in violent and powerful punches completely in and out at a rapid place, quickly damaging his anal ring. Chris began alternating his hands, left right, left, right, twisting punches, trying to damage it even more. The other assmaster moaned with excitement while he watched Analboy have his developing totally blown out for good
“ Almost there!, Keep nailing that asshole hard” he said

" feels...urgh!, they are ruining my asshole, Love it!" Analboy said to Frank

Unable to respond to Analboy, Analboy was helpless as he watched the men damage his rectum beyond normal.. He felt the burning sensation in his rectal cavity but instead of calling it pain, Analboy thought of it as rectal training for when he would perform with Matt and the blog webmaster. He would need to get past this small hurdle of rectal prolapse, for he was to be proud of his new rectal condition. Chris looked the other assmster and nodded. With a clean motion, the closed fist was pulled free of Analboys asshole like a large skin glove. A gush of lubricant burst from the torn anal ring and splattered the floor beneath him.

"Holy shit!" Analboy screamed, feeling his rectum pulled from his body violently. 

Before he could close up any further, and to ensure his training continued as planned, The other assmaster moved into position underneath the slut. Analboy finally heard the other Assmaster name ‘Dave” grabbed Analboys thighs with a strong grip and looked up at the blown out cavity. Chris stood behind Analboy and began loosening the straps around his wrists before he quickly injected an unknown blue liquid into Analboys bicep. This was a specially muscle relaxer deisgn for the rectal muscles. He soon let loose completely rectally. Frank watched as the large man Dave push a  large 1-1/2 liter plastic bottle filled with hot water at the red gape, using his arms to wedge the bottle in and upward.

"Fuck up his rectum” He cried. " Chris, take his asshole to the next level in wreckage, keep going"

"This isn't up to you," he replied calmly. "Isn't this what you want Analboy? Isn't this what all your ass workers and blog fans want?"

Analboy looked down and saw what Dave was attempting to do. 

"Watch this Frank, it's gonna be crazy!" Analboy looked back up at Chris. "Push hard!, shove that bottle into my cavity!"

Chris pressed down on Analboys shoulders while Dave simultaneously pushed the bottle using Analboys frail legs for leverage. The base of bottle forced Analboys's rectal prolapse back into his body under the pressure. Dave and Chris pushed as hard as they could, until Analboy felt his pelvis creak.

"Harder!" he demanded. "Harder!, its gonna sink home!"

Analboy cried out while he felt his rectum give up and allow itself to be penetrated by the massive 5 inch wide bottle. Eventually the fat shaft  met the anal ring. As the widest part broke entry, the rest of the bottle slid in easily with the assistance of the high quantity of lube inside and the blue injection.

"Analboy," Frank cried. he watched the 5 inch wide bottle sink in his rectum by the man pushing hard into Analboys's rectum creating a huge bulge that formed around the contours of his buttcheeks, he screamed as his anal ring tore slightly, but no blood was seen, but you could see is asshole was much looser . He heard the crack of Analboys pelvis as it snapped to form around the biggest object it ever accepted.

"Look....Frank. stretched my asshole is!...., finally a 5 inch width in my rectum, my bald cock is gonna cum from it, but the guys wont let me!"

Frank couldn't bear to watch Analboy anymore. He knew his asshole would never be normal again, and loved it. He left know he would have a nice permanently open rectum to play in for the next few months as he returned to the subway. They had destroyed his rectum with his destroyed anus clamped around another 5 inch plastic bottle and he never got a chance to participate in the rectal destruction

It was time to go back, and try to get the perverted thoughts and actions out of his mind.

The end.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Franks Secret watching of Analboy’s rectal destruction Act I

Act 1

With nobody around, it was a convenient time to show him unbelieving friend what Matt had provided. Jimmys's room was slightly messy but he easily found his tablet on his bed and sat down. He brought up the folder Matt had sent
over, it contained a short video and one image. He handed the tablet to Frank, letting him see for himself.
"Look," He said, holding the tablet up for Frank to take. Frank inspected the video first. When it opened it took a few seconds for anything to come within focus. The camera was also very shaky indicating that it was unlikely a professional production of Analboy. The view steadied until a skinny man became centered. He was fully nude and strapped down onto a raised bench on his stomach. Both his arms and legs were tied to the sides of the bench preventing movement.  As the handler adjusted the camera settings his body became more clear and detailed allowing Frank to see the wetness of the sluts body, he had clearly been slathered in oil during the event, and perfectly shaved pubes. The men looked to the camera and smiled for a brief moment before looking forward again. The camera person circled the bench Analboy was strapped to. He paused for a few moments at his head to get a glimpse of his facial expression. Panning up a little, Frank got a nice look at his firm buttocks and narrow hips. The rotation continued until it stopped once more at the sluts asshole.

"What the hell?" 

Frank watched as the camera persons hand came into view, a slender arm that rubbed the outer edges of the very wide black ring that was attached to the
Sluts asshole. Next, his voice was heard.

"I'm going to pull it out now, we can't have it in if you want to fuck him."

The camera stopped moving as it appeared to have been placed on something stable to allow the man to use both of his hands. Frank watched as the man
gripped the sides of the large ring and begin pulling towards himself.. The slut moaned while he felt the toy rub against his expanded rectum. As Frank listened, he could hear the pleasure in the tone. The man was clearly experienced in doing such things to his body.

"Alright, it's starting to come out, im gonna rip it out fast," said the Assmaster

The 3 inch wide black dildo emerged further allowing Frank to see the bumps along it. The slut continued a steady low moan while more and more of the dildo was pulled from his colon. More and more of the lubricated object was pulled out but it seemed to go on forever from how slowly the Assmaster was removing it, perhaps on purpose to allow Analboy to have a prolonged  Ring experience. At 13 inches outside, the width of the dildo was uniform a solid 3 inches wide, but Frank was unable to see just how long it was. He compared it to the mans thin arms and judged that it was easily the size of 4 or
5 of the arms combined. Finally, at 15 inches the tip of the dildo which was shaped in the form of a penis was freed from the slut's bowels. 

The Assmaster placed the toy onto the floor next to the bench before returning to the camera to retrieve it. At this point Frank was able to see just how large the toy was as evident by the Sluts extremely widened asshole. It was a deep red in color and he was very easily able to peer deep inside his guts. The Assmaster ran his fingers along the expanded anal ring, noting how it barely closed up after the dildo had been removed. His rectal function was about shot already.

"Your asshole is so beautiful. It stays so wide even after your favorite dildo is out." The Assmaster continued rubbing and even inserted his entire arm up to his elbow without even touching the strained walls of Analboy. The slut was so stretched and loose out it was likely possible he could fit a pair of arms inside him. Even his little cock was barely visible due the giant gaping hole above it taking up all the room. He loved destroying Analboys asshole, he was so willing.  Suddenly the camera became a blur as it moved about quickly. Frank was unable to make out anything except a loud set of banging noises. This lasted nearly a minute before the focus finally returned to normal. Fully visible to Frank, he watched the Assmaster run his thick hand the entire length of a giant dildo, which looked to be over 2 feet in length. Just as the Assmaster was making his hand back up from the tip the video ended abruptly.

"Was that an Horse cock?"

"Yep," replied Larry. "It said that Analboy is known for having sex with huge horses in his rectum, they say it ruined him for good rectally"

"His ass was like totally gaped. How can he not even be in extreme pain from that?"

"I told you it was pretty crazy. Matt said Several men have ruined his asshole from daily work for about 5 years. He's even seen some of the really crazy ones in action, totally mutilating his asshole and he loves it. I believe him, after seeing that video."

Frank closed the video and then opened the image next. It looked to be a video cover for a DVD with ANALBOY standing nude in the middle of a field surrounded by numerous stallions.

"Is this the same SLUT?" Frank asked.

"Yeah. Apparently that's the first video Matt watched when he found his blog. I don't know if he's ever met the Assmaster personally though."

Frank glanced at the image again noticing a bolded white line at the bottom of the image. It looked out of place and seemed to have been edited in.

"Did you see this address here?" Frank asked.

"No," Lenny responded as he took the pad from Frank to get a look of his own. "I don't know where this is. Maybe it's where they make these videos?"

Lenny switched to his map application and entered the address as it appeared on the cover. "Well, it's definitely here in the Cleveland," he said. "It's right in the middle of downtown, but when I look at the street there it seems to be nothing but abandoned buildings."

"Makes sense if they're making illegal things like you said. They wouldn't want to draw attention to themselves with an operation like that. Ruining a sluts asshole"


Frank looked at him phone and noticed the time.

"Hey, I need to take off," he said. "If I don't leave now my boss will kill me."

"OK," responded Lenny. "I'll talk to you later."

"K. Let me know if you speak to Matt again," said Frank as he opened the door to Lennys's room. "See ya."

Chapter 2

He forgot about the Analboy Video for a awhile. Still, no matter the efforts he put into burying it away, his inquisitive and logical mind had shoveled
up it again and again trying to figure out how such a thing was possible. He contemplated the mindset of the man and how he had decided to do these extreme things to his rectum. Frank knew the asshole was not meant to be abused, especially to such a degree. He knew of anal sex and the pain such an act could cause, let alone having such a large toy or animal penis inserted deeply and widely into one's rectum. The length's the man would have to go to
accomplish such ability would have to be so intense and deliberate it's amazing the man had not died during the process or had some sort of severe
medical emergency. There was also the fact that according to Matt there was more of this happening, not just to that one time, in addition to other unbelievable acts that were being done to Analboys Asshole.

He had committed to memory the address added onto the film cover Lenny had showed him, and the train he boarded was going to bring him very close to that very spot, where Analboy was.

The seats emptied out as the stops came one after another. Frank expected the car to become completely empty as he reached the final station. The part of
town he was headed too was not exactly dangerous but not heavily populated as many old businesses had relocated closer to the heart of the city and the
buildings they once occupied were not reused. As the train slowed the announcement over the com system informed him, it had reached the final station. Frank exited the car and stepped onto the deserted platform. He had not been to this particular part of the city before, and would be using his phone's GPS to help him locate the specific spot of interest. As he confirmed his position on the map he turned toward the exit staircase only to see
another individual already ascending it. He looked to be a slightly older man, with short brown hair, a slim body and dressed in mostly black clothing. Frank didn't see this man in the same car as him during the trip, and he wasn't expecting there to be anyone this far along. After pocketing his small
phone he himself climbed the stairs.

As he moved up towards street level Frank inspected the man slightly ahead of him.

He watched a man thru the window. Once the man had finished checking over each machine he left the room only to return a moment later dragging a small wooden bench into the center of the floor. The man sprayed a liquid onto the
surface of the bench and wiped it down with a cloth as Frank watched another man enter the room. The man entered, It was Analboy, Naked and shaved to the max the other rubbed his large hands over Analboys asshole before squirting a white cream on his arms from a bottle on the floor. Once completely lathered in the lube the man stretched out and lined up both his hands at Analboys asshole and began pushing forward. The closed window prevented any sound from escaping the room but Frank could see from the look of Analboys face that he was enjoying the experience of having his rectum filled with both fists. Frank watched closely as more than just the fists were shoved inside. Soon the man was up to his wrists and shortly after that nearing the elbows had met the little ass cheeks. Clearly the lubricant had assisted in allowing the clothed man to slip his forearms inside easily. The pair were definitely
experienced.  Analboy must have been cored out rectally for years

The biker man moving his arms about inside the bowels, slightly rotating them to side to side, working his rectum, working the inner flesh, loosening it up even more than it should ever logically be. Frank watched as the elbows began retracting back out of the stretched asshole, he waited for them to fully exit but the man stopped after pulling out only a slight bit. The pair paused for a second, seemingly to allow Analboy to become accustom to the unique
Sensation and allow his asshole to let loose. He could see their mouths moving as they spoke to each other and thought that maybe Analboy was asking to stop because it was tearing his ring. With both forearms stretching out the insides, the sadistic man lunged forward suddenly allowing even the parts past his elbows to enter inside. Frank gasped in shock while he watched as the arms were fucked into the asshole near hard and fast. Analboy threw his head back against the bench clearly overcome with the feeling of having a pair of arms buried in his intestines.   His little cock was cumming from anal! Frank needed to know if he was screaming in ecstasy, Anal sluts like that could do these things to their body and actually enjoy it. He looked around the border of the window for any sort of latch or clip that would allow him to open it just enough to get even a faint sound from within the room. He used his fingers to grip the middle section of the glass and attempted to pry it outward. He pulled with as much strength as he could gather until his fingers slipped off. He gripped it once more and pressed into the window to give herself a better angle at pulling it open. As he pulled toward the right one of his hands slipped off again resulting in his elbow slamming into the glass.

Realizing what had happened, Frank quickly stood up and hurried down the fire escape steps. As he neared the ladder at the bottom he caught his
footing and stumbled forward. To brace for the fall he grabbed onto the top railings of the ladder. Turning around in his haste he placed his feet on
the rungs and attempted to slide down quickly without touching each rung. When his feet hit the ground he lost his balance and fell to the side. He stood quickly once more and ran down the alley toward the street only to find the mean assmaster standing before him.


Chapter 3

"I don't believe I've seen you before," said the man quietly. His arms glistened in the street light, still lathered in the creamy lube. Frank stood in place, contemplating responding to the man or simply turning and running the other direction.

"If you are a new member there's no need for hiding outside, why don't you come in and I'll show you around?"

"I'm not a member," replied Frank.

"You seemed to know exactly where to go after coming off the train. I assumed you were familiar with us. You must know Analboy?"

The woman was very polite and showed no sign of aggression or anger toward Frank, which helped him calm his nerves.

"I his blog, well, not exactly him in personal I  guess..."

"I see. Well, obviously you are curious to find out exactly what it is we do. Why don't you follow me and I'll show you all about it and teach you how to work his asshole too"

The man turned back towards the front door of the dark building and walked inside heading back up the stairs. Frank followed him but remained on the
sidewalk, looking in to the open and highly inviting door. The man had easily figured out Franks's intentions and bet that he would accept the invitation into the secret club. Frank had seen what the man did with his arms moments earlier, which showed him that these people actually were real and had taken their bodies into an entirely new sexual realm. Frank thought to himself that he could easily return to the subway and return home. There was still time to catch one, and with his questions partially answered it would be of no trouble to him. Lenny didn't need to know he was ever here.

There was something more to it though. Frank found his feet glued to the sidewalk as if something had tied him down. He wanted to see more, and find out just how far these type of people went, and what they had gone through to come to such a place. He knew that if he entered, it was unlikely there was going to be time to catch the last train back home resulting in him staying overnight. Frank wasn't entirely comfortable with that idea, but spending an entire night would surely clear up any mysteries he had about this special club once and for all. With his mind made up, the invisible shackles holding his feet to the pavement released themselves allowing Frank to walk up the few steps and enter the building alone. He turned back to the empty street
behind him, thinking for a split second he could still change his mind. He knew however that he had already decided for herself now that he could feel
the warmth coming from within the hallway. Frank grabbed the door handle and pushed to close the door behind him. He looked forward down the hall on the
ground level and then up the stairs. The interior was completely clean and very tidy but there appeared to be no one else around. He walked up the stairs slowly when the moans of the Analboy on the bench finally reached his ears. Following the sound, Frank stood in the doorway to the room with all the equipment and Analboy still with his back on the wooden bench in the center. He watched once more as the man proceeded to insert his arms together up to their shoulders directly into the completely opened anal cavity. Frank moved closer until he was standing near the Analboys head from behind, clearly able to see just how far deep in the Assmaster really was.

"This is what you want to see right?" he asked. "See how my arms are completely buried in his rectum?"

Analboy moaned in front of Frank. It was evident this close there was no pain in his voice, he was enjoying the extremely intense act and plainly brought pleasure from it, even begging for someone to damage his asshole. Frank watched the arms twist and rotate within. It looked difficult to move around inside as he was clearly stretched out to an absurd diameter.

"How is this even possible?" Frank asked simply.

"He has gone through years of training to be able to take my entire arm inside his colon. Even before that he was a dedicated anal slut, looking to expand his asshole as much as possible."

He brought his big biker arms out slowly and then re-inserted them to the base repeatedly. With each thrust his movement became faster and faster. Frank listened to the wonderful rectal noises come from the blown out asshole as the creamy flesh rubbed against it. The sluts pleasure moaning and screaming increased in both volume and frequency as he was brought closer and closer to anal climax. Frank watched the Assmaster begin to forcefully punch his arms hard into rectum, seemingly trying to punch out the orgasm violently from him.

Harder and harder he punched, eventually sending small blobs of the lube from his arms and the anal ring outward onto the floor. Analboy finally screamed in pleasure and threw his head back as the orgasm shook his body. The arms remained deep in his intestines while he felt them clamp down with each wave of the climax. After he felt the last few small tremors of the orgasm, he removed his arms slowly and looked at the anal juice that had completely covered them. Frank stepped around next to the AssMaster and looked down at the huge anal gape. The asshole barely closed in the time he stared at the huge pink chasm. He had lost all rectal function, and Analboy had a blank expression on his sweaty face, almost as if he was in a post orgasm trance.

"He'll be like that for a while. Follow me."

END of Act 1, ACT 2 Frank gets trained how to work Analboys Asshole