Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rocket Launching

Here are some pics of Rocket Rippling MY analring my muscle to ruin, 3 inch wide with sharp ridges. Yea, the pics are a little out of focus, but I did not want to delete them

Full 9 inch depth

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Abuser Bill Punishes Analboys Asshole

Abuser Bill Punishes Analboys Asshole

Today was double dong dildo muscle abuse day and Abuser bill was armed, rock hard and fully ready. Alittle cone work, and his slut expanded to 3 inches no issues, no mess. Quickly they went to Stubby, 'cause abuser bill wanted two dongs in his rectum fast. He punched his muscle twisting and hammering it, watching his sluts little cock get rock hard from the Blue Pill and Stubby punching. Quickly stubby was just to small, he was loosening up fast and quickly losing rectal control, so he slid the rocket right into place, long fast strokes rippled his muscle good, causing even more loss of his rectal muscle ability, strengthening it so he can cum good today "im passed the ridges now, and abusing your muscle goo" he said, all the slut could do is moan, but could not cum, BLue pill doing its job today. When he started punching rocket in and out, "there goes the asshole!, slut announced. Abuser Bill knew it was BB (Big Black) time "on the bench impale on Big black!" he ordered, Slut obeyed and sank down rather easy on BB, up and down, then his asshole whore took his regular position, in no time he was jack hammering the muscle with BB, bound and determined to destroy that asshole for some DP work.  "OK DP time he announced, Im gonna slide the larger one in first, then the smaller alongside it. Abuser Bill did just that, "this is gonna stretch out that muscle so wide, your gonna be more permanently Loose" he said, and proceeded to Annihilate is asshole muscle, Soon slut was ready to cum, but squirted a small stream of piss from the abuse.  "Im gonna do the same but piss in the rectal cavity, get into position!", slut did, and he sunk his dick to the balls in one push, and quickly let loose a big stream if piss in his Anal sluts rectal cavity, Rammed his cock more, then came then pulled out, as he did, the big stream shot back out, and his anal whore came from anal without touching his cock!

The dildos
Stubby (see pic below)
Rocket (see pic below)
BB (see pic below)
Abuser Bills cock 9x2 thick
Dildos for DP, Only larger one shown

Analboys asshole unable to close properly for 3 days.

Rocket on  Right

Big Black (just a name)

Larger of the two used for DP


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Anal Torture Part 1


I awoke in a locked room, still gagged & bound ankles to wrist,
& a leather harness around my waist.  The belt had a large, rubbery prong, 7" long, wide but not TOO wide, built in where it would...  assert itself...  up your asshole while you were wearing it. I tried to expel it; but it was well bound about my rectal area.  How long had I been in here?  It felt like the next day.

   I'd been awake only a few minutes...  Ken the Red walked in, & shut &
locked the door behind him.  He had a huge box with him.  From it, he
first produced several large jars of vaseline.  He sat on my legs, greased
all of one big hunk  into my asshole, then ungagged me.  In a
mirror on one wall near me, I could see he had produced a pool
cueball, as well as a sizeable Dildo.  The dong was 7" tall & 3" wide.
Ooohhh...  OOOOOHH!!!  I felt my sphincter stretch unwillingly as he
prodded the ball against my bottom.  he got a paddle UHOH!  NOT 'WHAPP!!'
"AIIIEEE!!!!" I yowled as the spank flared me open & forced the ball
Through right up my rectum.  The tapered tip of the plug...  WHAMM!!  "OOWWWW!!!" The plug pierced my hole, driving the cueball deeper as it flared my rectum open again & sheathed itself up my anus.  OOW...  OOWOOO...  OOOO...  My spanking continued...  what was happening to me?  I hated it...  it felt...soooo...  good...  had to fight it...  don't want to like it...  I jerked away, forcing Red to roll off me as I rolled away from him, turning onto my back & pushing the dildo & ball out of my asshole.

.  "WHAMMM!!" Stars spun before my eyes as a fist connected with my asshole ring.  "Bitch.  You'd better start learning.  Otherwise..." he got out a two-piece pool cue stick you could screw together, & unceremoniously shoved the base at the stick's bottom up my asshole....  owww.  ooo...  aahgghhh...  errgghh....  after a bit, he swapped the pool cue out for two long, tapered 1 inch wide candles, & continued...ummmphhh...  then...  tiring of the thin candles, he got out a 9" x 4" super smooth rubber shaft & puussshhhed.....  oww...  errgghhh...  OOOOOHHHHH....he jackhammered it hard...  so hard...  couldn't hang on...  lube.. drying...  more grease...  it's starting to hurt...  my reluctant pleasure turned to pain as the friction heated up my rectal ring...  my sphincter felt like it was on fire...soon I lost all rectal control  he continued....  I couldn't help but cry out as the once humiliating pleasure became almost damaging my sshole...  "Owww!! OWW!!  OW!  OWWW!!  OW!!  STOP!  STOOOPP IIIIITTT!!!  OHHHMYASSHOLE PLEEEASE!!!

Red mercilessly brutalized my asshole for several minutes more, then pulled it out, wiped me with a rag, & showed it to me.  "See this?  Your asshole is ruined already and we just started your rectal training, you'd
better shape up & get with the program.  Resistance is useless." He
gagged me once again, put a dog collar around my neck, attached a leash to it & led me to another room. I was laid spred out doggy style on an examination table I felt the huge dildo like Red had just used on me just outside my battered asshole...  must be on a piston rod like the one they used last night...  the dongs were slippery & greasy...WHUMP!!!  AAAMMMPPHHHPH!!!!!  I wailed through my gag & fought to free myself as that dong forced up my asshole...  my rectum felt sooo...  fulll...  my asshole impaled firmly on that pole...  it was were held firmly in place...  couldn't pull off of them...  an eternity passed with my asshole split open at 3-1/2 inch wide
I felt a greasy wetness...  it began to slowly pump me...  then pound...  It began to spin...  my mind exploded...  my body followed suit...  my bowels rumbled...  my cock rock hard...  detonating off from anal... I gushed cum & pee over my rectal pounding prick...  'BITCHES!' I thought...  'Make me come from anal...  make me enjoy this...  hate it...  hate you...  ' I fought & fought to free my body as my body overrode my will.....

   After a while of enduring being tag-teamed, by Red and his assistants, punch fisted by any one of the three in my new room, or being tortured with those excruciatingly wonderful supe Huge dongs while in restraints, they eased off. I thought they were finally breaking me in, my asshole had lost all rectal control and I was hanging open, unable to clamp down. After ½ hour of constant punch fuckngs, they transferred me to a regular cell, where I was
left to rot.  I had no idea how long I'd been there, timelessly being
humiliated &/or rectally destroyed during almost every waking moment.  Once
there, I saw one of the three once a night.  I got three squares a day, and
an hour in an open area with the few dozen other fags that were there.
None of us talked to each other.  I napped when I was in my room; because I
was still anal fisted and  dildo raped all night, every night.  I tried to figure out a way to get away. It was too much, even for Analboy  SURELY there was a way to get out of my cell & slip out into the dark...  when finally, I was kept in that cell & let commingle with the others, they let me have time out of my cell during the day, when I could read, watch TV, etc, in a community room with others who were undergoing 'treatment.' None of us talked about our 'treatments.' Thus, we had nothing to talk about.

  My treatment?  Of course, a nightly rectal destruction to remind
me of my place.  I was getting to enjoy it.  I found myself, against my
will, liking being fucked up the asshole all night every night until I lose rectal control from extreme width and depth.  I couldn't even remember what a girl was like, or when I'd last had one.  The days were endless rectal.  I had no idea how long I'd been there.  After what seemed like a couple of months had gone by, & the time was about where I was supposed to be going off to university, they started hinting that I was about done, (surprise, surprise; I was being just kept being fooled until it was time for school to start again).  I was learning my way around, as they didn't want to escort me everywhere.  Still, nothing happened, & the nightly rectal destruction continued, my asshole would not close properly anymore.  Fortunately, they hadn't done anything more imaginative since I'd been stuck in this room; one of the three rectal sadists just came into my room unannounced, held me down & tied me up, & then punch fisted my asshole me right there, or they'd they drag me on a leash to an exam room & do me up my behind there.  To keep myself used to it, I used huge dildos on myself like they used on me, so I'd be loose & flexible constantly.  Everyone had their own 'schedule', & we were all locked down when we were in our cells, so inmates couldn't do each other.  Nurses, on the other hand, took turns up my asshole conditioning it both night & day.  Nurse after nurse, blondes, brunettes, raven-heads &
redheads, men, all hot, & all going up my rectum with no mercy.  I got worked over with candles, dildos of various small-man to large-man sizes, remote
controls, telephone handsets, even a shampoo bottle or two. That's where the trouble started again.  A new male nurse come to work when Red suddenly left.  His replacement, a small, asian named Sonny, was a sadistic ass fister.  Since I was in Reds charge, Sonny too kme over with a vengeance.  He took GREAT pleasure in raping my rectum withan unlubed 11" x 4" pale & super squirmy dick.  The thing would choke you sucked on it, After a couple of weeks under his ravishment, I was going from a hanging Asshole to much & much looser.  After the asian pulled my first rectum to complete prolapse, I decided to my asshole would never be normal again. Steve came in one night without so much as a 'by your leave', & woke
me up by throwing the blanket aside & just ramming his rod right up my asshole, super lubed, as usual.  A sharp pain shot through my sphincter as he irritated my hemhroid.  I rolled over fast, dumping him on the floor, then got up & clocked him good.  "Bitch.  Rape me before I'm even awake, will you?
Sadist.  I may be an inmate; but I'll get your evil ass fired & kicked out
of here." As I kicked, he swung & pulled my feet out under me.  I hit the
floor.  A fist in my eye...  stars....  red...  out cold...

   I don't know how long I was out; but I came around in a worse situation
than ever before.  I regained my senses to find myself in a small cage.  I
was bent on my haunches, there was barely enough room inside for me, bent
forward on my hands & knees as I was.  There were steel support bars
running the width of the cage right under my stomach & also along my torso
under my armpits, propping up my ruined asshole fully exposed.  Another one held down in place at the small of my back, & I was bound down at the corners with my wrists & ankles in leather cuffs.  Another bar, wrapped in leather, ran the width of the cage & gagged me as I was forced to bite down on it to keep it from pushing my face in.  Damn sadistic masters.  He made all the others look like amateurs.  What the FUCK was he gonna do to me NOW?  "Okay, my little Asshole slut.  Resist me, will you?  You ain't even SEEN sadistic yet.  You will know what it means when I'm finally done with your rectum." I heard a slight metallic scrape along the thin metal 'bars' of the cage I was in.  Then.. OOOWOOOFFF!!!!  A medium sized buttplug made of metal, slathered in vaseline, popped up my asshole without warning.  It pulled out...  pushed in...faster...  FASTER...  OW!!O OOOHHH!!!!  Good...  Ow...  ow...  oohh...
OOOHHH!!!!  IT'S GOING ALL THE WAY IN!!!  The steel plug on a rod pistoned
up my rectum past the plug's base & pulled out again...  felt good...  no it
didn't...  yes...  no...  is this master torturing or pleasuring me?  My own
body can't make up it's...  mind...  ohhh...  OOOOWWOOOO!!!!!  At last, the
steel plug disappeared & another larger one, about 4" wide & twice as long,
made of latex with a flexible base, took its...  place...  oohhphhh...  it
plunged all the way in...  bending it's flaps & pushing all the way up my
rectum with every push...  popping my anal ring hard before it pulled
back... felt weird inside my asshole as the flaps bent in the other direction
as the plug travelled out...  hurt...  so good....  loved it...  fuck my
asshole, you bitch!!!  Forever the wide dilating, plunging, sphincter
stretching, fast-blasting plowing went on...  the thing was covered thickly
in vaseline & KY...   I was REALLY sloppy & loose now...  the plug disappeared, finally, after an eternity of blowing my asshole open as it punched in & out of my ring muscle...  the anal assault continued as he mounted his favorite super squirmy 11" x 4" dildo on the piston & turned the thing back on at full speed...  it's...  pounding hell...  out of my rectum!!!!  SOOOO GOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!  OHHHHHHIIMMMCOMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNGGGYOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU
EFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCK....  FUCK....  FUCKKKK!!!!! MMMMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT'S BATTERING!  WHAT A
Ring to death...  MY BLADDER...  GOTTA...  GOOOO.... 
as the ecstatic rectum-boring continued...  after a long while...  his favorite dong disappeared... 11 inches right into my colon bend BIIG...  OOOOOPHHHH!!!  SOOO...  GREASY....  TOOO...  BIIIGGG...  WON'T...
OOOOOWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I howled
a high note in my head as a monster ramrod, 5" wide by 14" in length, super
smooth, super soft latex, absolutely SLATHERED thickly over every inch with
vaseline & KY pried my ass hole open, easily but not TOO easily....  loving
that feeling of being stretched open, ruined permanently...  when the muscle's ready to give...& the monster bong's just before it starts pushing up...  push it...  PUSH IT...  OHHH...  SO BIG IN MY ASS...  FILL ME UP...  RUIN ME UP YOU BITCH!!! III LLLOOOVVE IIIIITTTT!!!!  My torture became delicious torment as I was filled up wonderfully, excruciatingly...  FULL....  SOOO MUCH MEAT UP MY ASSHOLE....  I just wrapped my rectum around that thick bole & just held on to it....  it slipped & slid in & out easily.  shit & lube was dripping down my legs in thick gobs...  my ass was covered in vaseline...  felt sooo... nasty...  loved feeling sooo nasty & debased...  a nasty, big up the asshole whore covered in thick anal lube...  love that dirty feeling when my whole anal ring is smeared with vaseline...I had lost all rectal control by now.

   The Master obviously noted I was enjoying that rectum ramming a little too
much, for the bole went away...  was replaced by a BIGGGER....  one!!!  Two
inches longer...  an inch WIIDERR...  OHHHMYASSHOLE!!!  I'm gonna look like
I've got a cavern between my buns when this master is done with me!  Super
hard that monster was....  slathered in goop...  slopping & schluupping...
boring & banging...  hitting my anal g-spot sooo...  harrd....  gonna...
blow...  sexual electricity...  surrrginngg...  ohhhh...  OHHHH...
whistle blew in my head as the energy surges arcing between my ass channel
& my loins surged heavily...  overloading...
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My brain blew like a TV tube & I fell into


Sunday, July 16, 2017

More Information About Analboy on the Web

There are other locations where you can get information about Analboys Profile, Pictures, Movies and stories.
This post summarizes everything we know to date:

The movies (WMV or MP4) via Redfile storage site

Gay personals

Bareback Real Time
When You log in, search for profile name analboy44256

When You log in, search for profile name analboy

Kink Pigs

Adam 4 Adam

As more links surface we will append to this posting list. If the information provided does not help you reach the profiles, please leave a comment

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Colon Work Day


"Okay, now you're gonna get IT! You get to meet the great toy that'll push deep into your colon bend.  It's not coming out until Ive reamed your colon bend straight,  I promise, though, I'll fuck you extremely well with it, prepare your rectum."

I opened a cabinet under the counter, and pulled out a beer can thick, but flexible, dong called the 'rectum wrecker' based on what it will do to its victim.  This one was modified with a mini-cam in the head of the dick,   "!!!!!!!!" he warbled through his gag, when he saw it.  "No turning back now.  This IS going ALL the way UP your asshole, bitch.  You're MY bitch, now.  My nasty, horny, up the asshole anal bitch.  I'm gonna fuck you up the asshole with this until you blow a gasket, your asshole will never return to normal"

I took it over to the table, and laid it down, taking the previous dildo out of my harness.  I'd put this one in, later.  Then, I loaded his rectum with
KY into his cavity.  Then, I smeared the same again over every inch of that 19" long mega-penis that was beer can thick, until it was thickly covered and dripping.  Then, I poked it at his big asshole.

"!!... !!... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  he screamed through his gag as it penetrated him.  "Trust me, baby.  It's not going
to hurt you.  All that meat feels MARVELOUS... AMAZING... when it's ALL... UP...your ASSHOLE...  it'll be the best anal-fuck you've ever had... and you'll beg me to ram it hard up that... mmmmphhh... rrrrrrgghhhh.... ahhhyeah.... up that loose, wonderful, ah I gotta fuck it huge asshole, EVERY time you come here... and you WILL come.... Non-fuckin'-stop...."

Analboy was quaking and shivering as I pushed it deeper... gently rotating it as I screwed it into his rectum... literally Screwing it it... met absolutley no resistance...  I flicked the switch on the base, to see what the mini-cam could see...

"Look on the screen, Analboy.  We've pushed the dong into your colon... and this horse cock is gonna hammer it...  just take a long, LONG, dong, and sit on it
until slides into your colon... and just hump it until you've left your load all over from your little penis... okay, we're going around your bend, now...  we're breaking up that bend, already... Oh, god, you should see this going up your ass... it looks SOOOOO amazing, this long, THICK log, hanging out of your HUGE asshole... oh, fuck... I hope you're ready, I've GOT to fuck you more..."

I climbed on top of him, pulled the suction cup base into my harness, Relube his big asshole.  "Vaseline makes an EXCELLENT, and so NASTY lubricant... makes it so EASY to push in... but won't let you slip and slide on it... ohhhhhh........"  I aimed the monster at his asshole and puusssshhhhhhedddddddd........"
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................................  MMm...
Analboy held a high note as I just pressed that greasy dick deeper and deeper into his chute, until.... "!!!!!!!!!!!"  The balls nestled into
his crevice.  I pulled back... pushed...  I reached out and unbound his hands, from where I lay on his back... he pushed up on all fours.... and I pulled out
and schlupped back in.... after several minutes of stroking, I pulled most of the length back out, Stroking his rectum the full length.I ungagged him. "Ah, you BITCH!!! Oh, GOD, I'm so full.... fill me up... FILL ME UP!!!!! God, it feels so great, when you grease that monster cock up and ram it up my asshole...
fuck my asshole... bury that goddammed bone up my rectum... oh... ooHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!! God, just keep that hardness greased up and I'll

The little shaved bitch yowled and wailed as I pummeled his asshole to ruin, then as I pulled him to me, impaling his rectum on my proud plastic penis, driving that monster in and out as hard as I could, and to keep his tube lubed and not injure his depths.  I pulled a foot of the shaft out, over and over, driving it back in with my hips, or driving into his asshole full speed, until, what seemed like hours later, he finally couldn't hold himself up anymore, and lay flat as I shoved that wrecker schlong deep into his rectum, finally humping only the last few inches in and out, non-stop.  I couldn't even keep track of time, we'd been getting off so much as we just let ourselves go in our deep, anal rut of that asshole that had been well used before he'd arrived.

"OhhhhhHHHHHHHH!!!!!!FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  "Your asshole is Wrecked!!" "Oh, fuck, that feels wierd, all
loose and no rectal control.  Just don't take this thing out of me.  Let me just lie here forever with a big shaft stuffed up my rectum for the rest of my life..." "I can't do that, but, anytime you itch to get this up your asshole again, just make an appointment."  Finally, He hammered the large dildo in the asshole for 10 final thrusts

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"  my new little bitch wailed, as the tip slid out of his rectum for the last time.
"Call me... SOON."

The end

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Analboy 10 Short Clip

Analboy 10
11 seconds- 3 inch dildo attack, sound

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Analboy11 Short Clip

An old clip found, riding the bam dildo, sound


Monday, May 15, 2017

All the Analboy Movies

Ive created a permanent message on the right sidebar for a link to all the Analboy Movies.
The Analboy Movies
I have created and Anal and fisting movie storage site for all to enjoy hot Analboy Movies 1-23. Its the redfile storage and site and you have free access to all 22 movies (more added weekly), so keep the link and enjoy the downloads. Here is the link


Analboy 23,22,21,20,19 are now posted 5/15/2017
Analboy 18,17,16,15 are now posted 5/17/17
Analboy 14,13 are now posted 5/18/17


Monday, May 1, 2017

Some Blog and Session Stats

In a few posts back We stated the Analboy has reached the 2800 th time his asshole was destroyed. When we reach the magical 3000th rectal session, We are planning a rectal marathon that day, if his asshole ring did not fall off and get lost 😁.  Most people are awake 13-14 hours in the day, so we will attempt 13-14 sessions for that day, see if his asshole can take it.

The column graph below depicts how many sessions happened in the last six months, for a total of 119 sessions with an average of 20 sessions per month.

Below are the stats for this blog as of today 5/1/17