Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Rectum Pumped Out

Vacuum out my rectum, for a red meat tube and with double nut donut isolators for  Saturday 10/18/14

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This Blog By Email

You can now receive posts directly to your email address by using the "follow by email" form on the right hand side of the blog. Simply fill out your email address and look for a confirming link in email once complete. Any text or pics will be sent automatically to you in one email for several postings. Its convenient and easy to follow all my blogs via email...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mutilated asshole

I started this blog along time ago, It was not until recently, about a year ago we started getting into some heavy rectum work on a daily basis 

My large beer can thick dildos were pounding my rectum, 2 sometime 3 times a day. When My main Daddy  could not make the daily sessions, his friend Eric would stop by and keep working my now huge and loose cavity. They kept my asshole busy. The large dildos turned to swirling closed fists on a daily basis. After about 2 weeks of constant anal, My anal ring muscle started to break down on a more permanent basis.  As we continued the daily rectal abuse, I would start prolapsing out uncontrollably during the sessions, losing all rectal control, but the guys kept up on the large dongs and fist, and my asshole was taking it good. 

Severe rectal abuse continued and my asshole and rectum looked like raw meat, and the guys were milking cum shots from my bald cock whenever they got ruff with my rectum.  After counting off 100 total sessions over 3 weeks, we decided to give my rectum a rest. My asshole was shot, but slowly came back. It never really clamps shut anymore from that marathon tho, but the sessions slowly come back, not as intense, but good enough to have an easily fisted asshole.  They did a good job of conditioning my rectum, but now it was time to enjoy and utilize the massive cavity, and gaping asshole...

As tight as it gets now

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bat Stroking

Bat stroking the rectum. Damage that hole.

Monster Bat Result

My ruined non closing asshole from so much over abuse, the muscle doesnt clamp shut anymore, and will always remain the size of a quarter, but will gape even larger once abused.  This is BEFORE our latest session Saturday 10/4/14

Starter Dong

Warming up the asshole for today's hole wrecking, the starter dong is 2 1/2" inch across, and falls into my rectum with no resistance.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prepping for Extreme Anal

Drilled- High Speed core job with the beer can thick dildo preps my rectum from some extreme anal workouts. He's punching that baby home, My asshole takes it good...