Saturday, February 18, 2017

Analboy is Down and out

No posts for a while, so I thought Id let readers know what is going on.

Analboy has suffered a series of mishaps, that has taken him out of the game for sometime:

First, he lost his real job in the warehouse due to cutbacks. He was devastated.  Then later that same week, he got a base case of food poisoning that left him vomiting and bed ridden for almost 5 days. Weak and not able to eat or function, he remained in bed for 5 whole days.  Once he started feeling better, A bad cold hit him hard, dragging him down again for another week.

Slowly he is coming back, but is depressed, alone and doesnt feel good at this point.

PLEASE leave a comment on the blog to this post to wish him a good recovery, he has no one to help him, and it would cheer him up know he has supporters.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Rectal Punishment with Mike


Mike stood in the doorway and I silently shook my head, indicating that he shouldn’t come in yet. I was almost at a stopping stage in my treatment of Analboy and needed a few minutes more. I shoved harder into his asshole, pushing deeper into his rectum, elbow deep, I was ready for finishing off this initial phase. Pumping with one closed fist,  I punched in and out, watching my fist move under his belly. Analboy was producing incredible amounts of anal cream, some of which was frothing around his asshole, the rest running down between his ass cheeks, down his back and spreading wetly over the bed linen.

“yea that’s it, nail my colon” he moaned

He was rocking against my arm as best he could, straining for that 3rd cum shot. I was so impressed with his ability to take a rough fisting and respond so lustfully. As his breathing grew more ragged I waited for the proper moment, listening and watching the cues he was giving me as to how close he was.

“Oh ruin me Daddy, destroy  my rectum so I can cum” he pleaded.  They new why Analboy was addicted to his asshole, he could not cum unless is asshole was ruined at the same time.
That was the signal.  Suddenly I yanked my arms from his body. He froze for a minute then wailed in frustration, begging me to get back inside him. Ignoring his pleas I waited a few minutes until his writhing body quieted, then as he relaxed .

Getting up and I reached into my bag of goodies and taking out a blindfold and ear cuffs cut off his vision and hearing. I wanted him now to start feeling some panic. I knew how losing these senses was frightening, creating a sense of uncertainty. As he had passed the initial trial with flying colors I now wanted him to wonder, to distract him from the sole lust of having his body manipulated for sexual reasons. Would the next phase, a more intense fisting, be able to override the uncertainty of what would happened to his without visual or audio clues?

I signaled Mike to come in. He walked to the end of the bed, his rigid cock bobbing, and sat between his legs. I briefly plunged my hands, one after the other into his rectum, wetting them, then, taking his hand in mine, I spread his lube over his hand and arm. I ignored Analboys’s queries of what was going on while still registering the puzzlement in his voice. I placed Mikes balled fist against his asshole  and he began to rotate it while pushing against him.  His body had reflexively stiffened when he felt this larger closed fist on his assring and now he asked what was going on, what was trying to enter him,  his body jerked when his fist slid into him, and it sank past the ring fully closed.
I  watched as Mike worked his hand into him deeper moving his bowels around.

With Mike kneeling down behind Analboy, his forearm entering his colon now, the action was just before  I asked him if we could tag team fist him and he readily agreed. He knee walked around  him leaving his arm inside his colon. I moved down the other side until I was behind him too. I was transfixed in watching his asshole lips twist as he circled him. His ass lips clung to his arm and swirled about, twisting in a half circle, probably ruining him for good.

I reached over for the lube, Jlube and Ky mix, and inserting the spout in his damaged asshole and  squeezed a generous amount in. Setting the lube aside I took Mike’s hand, greased it thoroughly, then grasping his ass cheeks with the fingers of both hands I split the slut wide open. His asshole spread as I tugged at it, his insides glistening, red, pulsing lightly. Mike pushed his hand in as I released his ring. I watched his asshole spread over his hand initially until it was stretched tightly. It began to recede before his advancing hand. Glancing at Analboy to see his reaction, there was none yet, he was taking it with ease.   The edge of his anal ring was drum tight and  whitening slightly around the rim as he was stretched by the bulk of his hand. A slight groan from him as his hand pushed harder. Right before my eyes his asshole poised stretched for a moment, then released and ran up over his knuckles, swallowing his hand. He had been opened a bit by me earlier but his hands were so much larger. Without pause he sunk his hand in several inches past the wrist. I watched, waiting to see him explore for the opening to his colon. Instead he just kept pushing in a continuous motion working his rectal walls creating a huge cavity inside him.

His anal ring just expanded, climbing up his arm as he sunk deeper. Somehow he had just forced his way through, his hand now in his colon. He screamed out “Super Depth!”, . Now he began to push into his intestines. I couldn’t believe how strongly this was affecting me, how erotic it was. My cock was rock hard wet, dripping onto the bed. His nipples were swollen and hard, just fueled his hardness. In almost a dream like state my hands drifted towards his open rectum. I had to stand to be able to plunge inside his chute. I slid my hand  down his arm, running across his biceps, over his elbows, fingers stretched straight down. We were about to create  a caverned out rectum in this short time, 

“Oh yea CORE me out for good” he cried

The tips of my fingers neared his asshole. I stopped just as they touched his ring and held tight to Mike’s arms. I rode his arms as he pushed further into him. The small of his back was supported against my legs, his flesh hot and sweating against my skin. As my fingers began to enter him I was able to drop to my knees, supporting him with his lower back against my crotch. My elbow was bent to the side a bit but my hands were pointed straight down, prepared to dive into his rectum. His asshole stretched more, riding up over the bulk of his arms as my fingers entered him. He was so loose, but it was gonna tear his ring, the lips of his asshole and stretched tightly over my hand. I could see the tight circular depressions around his arms where his holes tried to grasp him, but the muscle gave way.

Analboy himself was almost an afterthought to us as we ruined his asshole. He was held almost immobile with his face between his legs, his back supported against me, his hands and feet in collars. We were only interested in  that huge asshole,  yawning open, no rectal control. Vaguely, in the background I was aware of his body squirming, his voice, muttering for more, to go deeper, ruin me, that he needed more. But that was irrelevant. It was the penetration that held us, just his asshole  and the insides of his colon, the rest of him was just there, but of no concern.
Mike was now elbow deep in his rectum, the palms of my hands against his elbows. He was stretched unbelievably wide, no room for any more. There was no longer any asshole left, they had pushed his whole ruined outer ring into him. Any available gap or tell of asslips gone.

“Oh gawd my asshole will never be normal again!!!” he screamed

Mike had reached as far as he could go, both because his arms were to far spread by his shoulders and also because he was at his maximum depths into his intestine.

However I could go deeper, could stretch his rectum further, expand him to the max, split that ring. I pushed harder, really pushing. It was no longer a case of sliding into his colon  but one of forcing myself in. I had to lean hard, pushing with my shoulders to gain anymore depth. I did though, feeling my arms tighten with the effort. Slowly I went deeper, his colon opened up. His asshole lips reluctantly yielding, tight bands around my wrists. His insides were hot and moist, soft flesh, slick, smooth, pulsating, clasping around my hands, the slut started cumming again

“oh fuck!!!  its ruining me, Im cumming!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, blasting another load, asshole ring  spasming violently around my forarm

I paused briefly before gathering for another push. Soft moans separated by pleas. He wanted more, groaning out. I couldn’t see his eyes but his lips mouthed his desire, begging to be taken past his limits. Small utterances given between deep shuttering breaths, he was begging to be rectally damaged.

I leaned into him, forcing my arm in even further.  He may have said he wanted more, mentally want more, but his body was saying “No!”. His colon was fighting against me, reluctant to be spread even wider than he was. I didn’t care. He was just a asshole slut to be used. My hand slid in, feeling their way along Mike’s arms. I had to lean back slightly as he expanded the colon out for us. His asshole was being pushed back until it was starting to look like it was part of his back instead of between his legs. There was just not enough room between his legs to take so much. I could feel the extra tightness in his rectum as my fingers began to explore his colon trying to expand out the walls with my hand.
I slid back down out of his lower colon, back into his big rectum cavity where there was a lot of room. I started working his rectal walls swirling my fist in his cavity, until he cried out
“Oh gawad my rectum…….. that’s Sooooo HOT, I never been expanded out like this before!!, Feels like  a metal post is lodged all the way up me, oh gawd its gonna make me cum!”
That got me hot too, I crawled and wormed my way in deeper again until I was into his intestines also. Mike and I joined hands in his colon.

I was through, all my fingers pushing into his colon, sliding along Mike’s arm until we could also link hands inside his cavity. He now had two arms pushed into his busted rectal cavity, merged into two huge fists buried deeply. Tentatively we leaned back to pull out slightly, this volcanoed (or pulled on) his analring slightly. At first his cavity refused to release us. We pulled harder, then harder still until we began to retreat from his colon. We had to pull hard, straightening our bodies. His back slid down my legs, sweaty and hot.

We pulled straight up, his body coming with us, guided by his rectum. It was no use, we were going to have to stand. We struggled to our feet, heads together as we bent over him. We straightened up, our arms extended straight down into his colon. He rose with us, pulled up by his asshole, which extended from his body. He was pulled off the bed until we were  firmly planted in his colon again. Finally we were able to start journeying out of him. Then another cum shot shook the sluts body
“OH IM CUMMING AGAIN FROM ANAL!” he screamed as he came, but this time he shot dry.  This si common for Analboy, cumming every 20 to 30 minutes from anal, again its his asshole addiction

I could feel his colon bend ride over our combined fist . We pulled back until he clasped only our wrists, back into the large rectum cavity area. Our arms were outside his body, shiny with the slickness of his body. We plunged back down, plunging into his colon bend , then back out again. Each time a little easier, each time his rectum growing more elastic. His insides began to relax, to follow our fists out further. As we pumped him more, his rectum began to be pulled out of him, he started prolapsing severely. Big red meat  emerged the size of a orange  as we retreated, shining red, exposed to the open air.

Analboy was screaming now, shaking his head, his body squirming, piss squirting from his little bald cock as we traumatized his rectum. He was urging us on, needing to cum again. With Mike raised up I could see his face, exposed at times below his hard cock. His eyes were wild, yet focused, deep in them was the fierce begging of release. It was apparent that he would endure anything to anal orgasm. Even beyond that, he wanted more. He wanted us to damage his rectum more, to fuck him harder.
We pumped his rectum harder, violently plunging deeply into him, taking strokes from our wrists to elbows. Two hands and arms turning him inside out, brutalizing his rectal walls . His belly expanded and contracted as we moved in and out of him. I was grinding my cock against him, building towards my own climax. Mike was thrusting the air with his cock, red, swollen and rampant. It looked so painful as he thrust. In, out, in out, relentless constant plunging was taking their course on his rectum condition.

I was reaching the end. The end of my ability to continue, exhausted, sweat pouring off me, dripping onto Analboy. A few more times we plunged in and out. Pulling him off the bed drilling up into his rectum  harder then ever, producing a huge prolapsed on the pull outs. Then plunging down, pushing him back down onto the bed, his belly bulging as our arms filled him. My crotch slamming into him, my cock scraping over his flesh. Finally I collapsed as my orgasm rushed through me. My arms plunged deep one last time as I came. My elbows slipped inside him stretching his organs internally. I knelt over him, thrusting against him. Mike continued fucking him. His  intestines held deep inside him by my hands. His fist ripped out of his colon as he continued, pulling back to his wrists, then cramming back inside him. Finally he collapsed also, sinking to his knees, his cock spurting, shooting his sperm over his belly. We hunched over him and came. Our arms buried deeply inside him. I could feel his heart beating.

Analboy was shaking, squirming.   He was begging to stop, he was ruined for good, and had shot dry cum shots for the finale.

The first time we were aware of Sam was when there , he stood in the doorway and applauded our efforts.

The End

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Granny Helen- Anal Beast Lover

Granny Helen- Anal Beast Lover

When Analboy was younger, Analboy and his family had just moved from a large city that he had lived in since he was born, to a small, rural town about fifty miles away. His dad worked for a railroad company, and he was moved from the large freight depot in the middle of the city, to a smaller, cattle loading station out in the country. It was a far commute from the city to the rural station, and the small town right by the station had a good reputation, so they just decided to move there. They chose on the outskirts of the town, right next to a large ranch. A few days after they moved, the owner of the ranch came to greet her new neighbors. She was an elderly woman, who Analboy guessed was probably in her early seventies, that introduces herself as Helen. She brought a few gifts for them and then invited them over for dinner. Analboy' mother graciously accepted, so they went over to the ranch house at around six.

The house was huge. The entry hall had a large staircase leading up to the second floor. An expensive chandelier hung from the ceiling. Helen led them into the dining room, and they all took a seat at the table. As they ate, they started to talk. Analboy' dad explained how they had moved because of his job and then talked about how much he loved living out in the country. They went on until it was Helen’s turn to talk about herself. She talked about how her husband died a few years back and all of her children had moved away, so she was left with the ranch. It was a large ranch, and she told them that she was starting to get to old to care for all the animals. So she offered Analboy a job caring for the animals. She said it would pay fifteen dollars an hour and he would have to come over every day after school. He hesitated and thought about it for a few seconds. But he knew she needed the help, and being a senior in high school without any plans for college, he desperately needed the money, so he agreed. She seemed relieved and told him to come by on Saturday to start his work. They finished with dinner and thanked Helen for her generosity.

The next few days went by slow for Analboy. He had started at his new school, and, since he was very quiet and kept to himself, he didn't make friends very easily. There was only a few more months left before he graduated anyway, so he figured he could tough it out. As the week went on he longed for the weekend to come so he could start his job. Analboy loved animals and actually looked forward to caring for them. He had always wanted to ride a horse, so he hoped that she would let him ride one.

Friday finally came and he was free from school. He went straight home and prepared for the morning. It would be a big day. When he woke up, he got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning," his mother said as he walked into the kitchen. "Are you ready for your fist day at work?"

"Yeah, I'm all set," he replied. He quickly ate breakfast and then got ready to go. He said goodbye to his dad and then walked next door. He rang the doorbell and Helen answered the door.

"Oh, hello Analboy, are you ready for your job?"

"Yep," he replied.

"Ok, well let's head on out." She grabbed her coat and then led him out to the barn. On the way, she gave him instructions on how to feed the animals. When they got to the barn, she said, "Analboy, I really appreciate you doing this. I'm getting really old and it's starting to get hard for me to satisfy my animals." Analboy thought about how "satisfy" was an interesting word to use for "feed" and "care for." But he didn't think hard about it and proceeded in the barn after her. When he entered, he realized that two dogs were following him. One was a large German shepherd, and the other was a golden retriever. Both male. Helen showed him how to feed the horses and mules, and the two dogs, Buzz and Goldie, kept following them. Occasionally they would sniff his butt or crotch, but Analboy was busy and just shooed them away, finding them more annoying than anything.

When they finished feeding, they walked back to the barn door. However, instead of opening it to leave, Helen put down the latch and locked it.

"Um, what are you doing?" Analboy asked.

"Well, Analboy, it's time for you to do the second part of your job," Helen said. "You see, my animals get very frisky sometimes, especially now during the mating season. As I said earlier, I am getting a bit old to keep relieving them, so I decided to seek someone younger to do the job for me. It was perfect timing for you and your family to move here. And now I'm sure that fate has brought you here to do this job for me. So I'm going to need you to take off all your clothes and set them by the door while I get the animals ready."

Analboy' jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Then it hit him. That's why she had used the word "satisfy," and why the dogs had been sniffing him. He really should have seen this coming. But, regardless, she couldn't do this to him. He would find a way out.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Jacobs, but I can't do this for you. I'm... just gonna head home now.'

Helen grinned. "I'm sorry, dear, but I can't let you leave. Now that I told you about this job you have to do it. I can't afford you going and telling everyone. So be a good boy and take your clothes off while I go get everything ready." Analboy just stood there frowning at her, shocked and slightly amused. This lady was insane.

"Dear, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, so please just be a good boy and do it now." He just stood there. They stared at each other for a minute before Analboy started moving for the door. Helen sighed. "I'm very disappointed in you, dear. I thought that a strong, polite, 18-year-old, young man like yourself would be happy to help out and old woman. But if it has to be this way, I guess I'll just have to deal with it." Then her voice changed to a stern, commanding tone. "Buzz!" she cried. The German shepherd stood up alert. She pointed at Analboy. With that, the shepherd leaped at Analboy and knocked him to the floor. Then Helen walked over and removed a piece of clothe from her pocket and covered his face. He tried to hold his breath, but Buzz gently bit his arm, causing him to take a breath. The room started to get hazy and Analboy entered a deep, dreamless sleep.

When he woke up, he was on all fours and looking at the ground. He was laying belly down on a bench, and his hands and legs were strapped to the ground. His legs were spread out so his asshole was completely exposed. He was completely naked. As the drugs started to wear off and he came back to his senses, he felt a weird sensation. It felt like something was stuck up his rectum. His asshole felt stretched out and full. There was only a little pain, but, to his lust, Analboy actually liked the feeling a little bit. He looked around and noticed that he was still in the barn, and by the looks of it, it was late afternoon. Helen saw him looking around and started to speak to him. Her voice was coming from behind him.

"Look who just woke up. Well, dear, I told you that you would have to do it, and since you didn't cooperate, it came to this. Don't worry, you're almost ready and it won't hurt a bit. I've stretched you out quite nicely and I gave you some painkiller, my prescription, so you won't feel a thing." She giggled a little. "I also gave you a little something to loosen you up, dear." She laughed again. "I'm sure you will enjoy the experience." Then she took out whatever she had stuck in Analboy. He felt empty now. "Ok, deary. I'm going to let the dogs have their fun while I get the horses ready. Play nice."

She went to unleash the dogs and then went to the stable. The two dogs ran up to Analboy. Analboy closed his eyes. There was no escaping giant angry dog cocks. He was going to be the dogs' bitch. Buzz seemed to be the dominant one and so he took his turn first. He started out by licking Analboy' asshole. His warm tongue felt great on his stretch hole, and, despite his fear and nervousness, he did actually make him  hard. The more Buzz licked, the more relaxed Analboy became. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all," he thought to himself. His mind was starting to go a little fuzzy. "What did that bitch give me?" he thought through the haze. However, as he was thinking that, Buzz stopped licking and mounted him. Horror shot through Analboy as he felt Buzz's doggy cock sinking in his rectum. After a few powerful thrusts, Buzz hit his target and his dick knot  popped right in. Once Buzz got his dick in, the horror left Analboy. Between the painkillers and the dildos that had stretched his butt hole to the limits, there was very little pain. Buzz started humping furiously and Analboy moaned in pleasure. The fullness really turned him on. He was so stretched out that he barely felt Buzz's knot enter him. Pretty soon, Buzz emptied his balls into Analboy' bowels. The doggy cum filled him up and started squirting out, all over the floor of the barn. It felt like an hour before Buzz was finished squirting. Lubed with cum, Buzz's cock popped right out of Analboy' brutalized asshole. Buzz walked over to the corner and sat down, allowing Goldie to take his turn. Analboy closed his eyes and groaned as Goldie licked his cum-covered ass. Now he wanted something inside him. He wanted to be fucked. The drug had fully kicked in.

"Oh, fuck me already, Goldie, fuck me." Apparently Goldie was familiar with the command because, at that, Goldie quit licking him and mounted him. Analboy instantly started moaning. Now that he was lubed, it felt twice as good, the 8 inch dog cock sunk to the hilt. When Goldie started humping faster, he found himself thrusting back into him, trying to get Goldie's cock as far in as possible. He moaned and cried out, "Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck me, Goldie. Faster, harder!" Goldie was apparently familiar with these instructions as well and humped as fast as he could. Pretty soon, he was emptying his ball into Analboy' asshole. His cum squirted out of Analboy and made an even bigger mess on the floor. Pretty soon, he was done and his cock plopped right out. He went to lie next to Buzz. Analboy just laid there and felt the warm cum dribble out of his ass and down his legs. His own cock was fully erect and as hard as a rock. Being fucked by two dogs made him hornier than ever and he wished he could jack off. Just then, Helen came back with a big, brown stallion.

"Great job, dear," she said. "I was back there listening to you and I could tell that you were having fun. Did you enjoy it?" Truth be told, Analboy did enjoy it. In fact, that was the best he had ever felt.

"Yes," he growled, reluctantly. I love anal!

Helen smiled. "Good. Now it's time for more fun. It's time for the horse. This is Blackie. He's the gentlest of my babies, a good one for you to start off with."

"I'm ready for a horse,ruin me" Analboy said. He looked down and saw Blackie's cock, which was already huge. It was by far the biggest that Analboy had ever seen. From where he was, it looked to be at least a foot and a half long, but it was hard to tell.

"Great" she said. "You're more ready, deary. I bet you'll enjoy this even more than the dogs.  Your hungry rectum will never be normal again, normal sized human cocks will not satisfy your hungry asshole. I want you to get addicted to opening up your asshole. You will be a  slave to your asshole, so I can keep you well horse fucked almost daily,  Ok?, Blackie, here we go."

Analboy held his breath. "Here we go," he thought to himself. She led the horse around until Analboy was positioned underneath him. Then Helen guided Blackie's huge horse cock into Analboy' asshole. When it was partially in, Blackie started to buck and shoved it in deeper. Analboy cried out in pain as his stretched asshole and the painkiller were not enough to mask the incredible width his asshole was taking. His asshole was stretched as far as it would possibly go. As Blackie bucked more, Analboy gritted his teeth and grasped the ground as tight as he could. It felt as if the whole horse was being pulled through his blown out asshole. Finally, after the wildest ride of his life, Blackie came and shot what seemed like gallons of horse cum into his colon. When he was done, Helen carefully backed him away and put him back in the stall. Analboy felt weak and his asshole burned while the hot horse cum trickled out of his asshole onto the floor.

"Your rectum is trashed out already and we just got started" She smiled, liking what his meathole looked like "I like it" she said.

"Only three more and then we're on to the mules. He held his breath again as, one by one, Helen led the horses in to fuck their new bitch. However, after the second horse, his asshole had been stretched so bad, that the second hose could do full 14 inch deep thrusts into his colon and pull almost completely out, before powering back in and the horse would grunt when bottoming out in his colon, it had numbed him, his cock was swinging with every thrust in. His asshole ruined for good. So by the time the third horse was brought out, between his numbness and whatever she had drugged him with, he was begging to be fucked, ruined for good by horse cock. After the horses came two mules. The mules bucked even more and Analboy thought that his asshole would rip for sure. Long thrusts with a nasty glared nead of the mules, ruined him even more.  Finally, after the last mule was done, Helen put him back into his stall and then came to free Analboy.

"Dear, I'm so proud of you. You worked so hard, We ruined your asshole and this is only the first time, now I think it’s time for you to cum." She untied the straps and Analboy collapsed into the huge pool of cum that had dripped, squirted, and trickled out of his asshole. It was still warm and it felt really good to lay in it. He rolled around and completely covered himself with animal cum. Then he reached for his dick, Helen swatted it away

"You can only cum from anal now, no dick touching!, as she snapped on a set of rubber gloves onto each and slathered them up with lube.  Positioned Analboy Doggy style face down, asshole high on the barn floor, his gaping asshole fully exposed. She powered his closed fist right up his rectum and grabbed his hard cock.

"Cum from anal Slut" she said closed fisting his asshole in and out, squeezing his cock at the same time.. He began shooting out his load of cum. That used up all the energy he had and he drifted off to sleep. When he woke up, he was in Helen’s guest bedroom. He was all cleaned up, but was still butt-naked. He went down to the kitchen where Helen was cooking him breakfast. It was early Sunday morning. "Good morning, dear. I made you some eggs. Don't you worry about your parents; I called and told them you wanted to spend the night, this will give us a chance to give the horses some more anal right after breakfast"

Analboy sat at the table and ate, unconscious of the fact that he was still naked. She sat down with them and they talked. "Well, you really seemed to enjoy yourself yesterday. Do you want the job?, We have already broke down your ring muscle nicely" He took another sip of his coffee, realizing it tasted funny. She was drugging him again, he was sure of it. But, without hesitation, he downed the whole glass and smiled at her, his mind already going a little bit hazy. He didn't care. As long as it made him feel the way it did yesterday, he'd take it everyday, whatever it was.

She grinned. "Great. I knew you would. Come down every day and remember to feed the animals first. When you’re done, the dogs are always ready, so start and end with them. Other than that, you only have to do one horse or mule per day. Unless, of course, you can handle more. Make sure you take the horse up into your colon every time to keep it well conditioned. Oh, and I have this for you." She pulled something out of a bag and set it on the table. It was a horse dildo. And a big one at that. "That's to make sure you stay nice and worn out. And to prevent, um, accidently rectal tightening." He took it off the table and slide the monster into his asshole. It fit nicely in place. "When you get here, just leave your school stuff and your clothes on the porch and get to it, Asshole slut should be naked at all time, and your pathetic little bald cock and balls tied off at all times too. Got it, dear?"

"Got it," he said. After he finished eating, he got dressed and went home. On Monday, school dragged by until, finally, the bell rang and he drove to Helen's house. He walked up the path. He went straight to the back porch and set his stuff down. Waiting for him on the back table was a single pill on a small plate. He took his shirt and pants off, and swallowed the pill without hesitation. He decided it would be easier to just forget about underwear, so he had stopped wearing boxers to school. He then removed a butt plug. As he walked to the barn, Buzz ran up and greeted him by licking his cock. "Hiya Buzz," Analboy said. He looked down and saw that his pink cock was starting to come out of his sheath. "No problem, buddy, I guess I'll do you before I start." With that, he walked into the barn, closely followed by Buzz, to start his job as the barnyard asshole whore.

He got on with his duties, and as he was about to take horse blackie into his rectum again, the massive 4 inch head sunk past his analring with a loud moan from Analboy as Helen opened up the barn door. The horse started thrusting into analboys rectum like it was attacking a well known hole. Startled he looked up to find the old woman naked in front of him, her saggy tits and hairless cunt lips were disgusting looking to Analboy.

"The first time I cum in a long time was yesterday when you were getting plowed up the rectum, that is soo hot, its the only was I can cum now seeing a male asshole destroyed by horse cock" She said working her clit as she got closer.  She sat down next to analboy frigging her clit.

"Come on Blackie nail his colon and ruin him again, so Granny can cum again!" She said, slapping the horse on the rear.  Black must have understand her commands, he lurched forward and drove his cock to the hilt, Analboy let out a huge scream from the depth and cried out,

"Oh my asshole and rectum, he is damaging my rectum again!"

Granny Helen started to cream herself from the abuse  " Damage that rectum Blackie, Grandma is gonna cum hard" she ordered.   Black started pile driving analboys rectum and colon, Granny creamed up again and squirted all over as her huge orgasm hit.  "Oh gawd Im cumming!!!, she shook and spasmed and as blackie kept up his onslaught of Analboys rectum, her orgasm, died down.   She thanked Analboy and left, with here last message. "I need to cum everyday, so I expect you to entertain me like this daily, Understand?

"Yes Miss Helen" he replied as Black shot off, flooding his colon again with todays horse cum load.

The End.

Prepping Blackie for Analboys Rectum so Granny Helen can cum

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Analboy Rectal Animation

A blog reader sent in this good Animation of Granny using her big dildo to core out Analboys Rectum, Thanks Herb.

Core Out that big tunnel!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! From Analboy and his Assmasters.  As we go into the new years we have new goals for Analboys Rectum and piss slit.

  1. Keep up the constant almost everyday rectal mutilation sessions, with 4 Assmasters, scheduled. We expcted to try to achieve 275 asshole wreckings for 2017, that’s about 5X a week. Blow out his outer ring good.
  2. Keep up the inner ring (or colon bend) conditioning, finally getting 13-14 inch insertions up into him now. Keep breaking down that bend.
  3. 200 piss slit soundings is a goal (4X per week).  Assmasters like his litle bald cock to have a nice big round slit to compliment his loose asshole.
  4. Increased blog Pictures and activities- We know bloggers want to see Analboys Hot Rectal Mutilation pictures and movies more often. We now have the equipment in place to capture the hot action, So look for a lot more pics in 2017
  5. More BBC Anal- Analboy doesn't get a lot of regular cock fuckings, its mostly closed and open hand fisting and monster dildos, bottles or objects.  With the REGmonster on board, weekly BBC fuckings will continue, with pics.  This will help with item #2, in conditioning his inner ring.
  6. Keep up to date on the Analboy Activities by viewing the RECTAL Calendar at the bottom of the blog, each session is accurately captured in the description. we continue to update it weekly.

So stay tuned to the blog, its gonna be a Hot Analboy  rectal destruction 2017, hoping to achieve the 4 inch diameter asshole width and 14 inches into his colon, for that super cored rectum we all like.

Analboy taking in 3 inches of width

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The REGMonster

The RegMonster

Finally a steady BBC for asshole fuckings on regular basis.  I get occasional black dick fuckings but could never find a steady to give weekly anal fucks. Then I found Reggie two weeks ago, or the REGMonster as we call him.  His pic is below, he is shy for the camera, so our first two sessions, were just solo. His pic is below, a full 2 inch thick (Thick as a wrist) and full long shaft, that goes right into my colon bend.

He fucks with avengence. Always 2 positions, first doggy style face high, he will strokes in as you get used to the depth. Once he starts getting hot watching his dick slide in and out of my asshole, he flips you overs holds my legs high, and nails my asshole hard.  Once he can feel his head pop into my colon bend missionary position, he will sink to the base. Then he will start fucking hard so he can cum in this position, once he feels his cock head enter my colon, it never leaves, he thrusts hard, but only far enough not to pull out on the inner ring.  Then he just nails the inner ring until he cums from it.

The colon bend is well worked after these BBC Sessions

The Regmonster- A real colon bend working dick

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Analboy Brutally Raped by Santa's Reindeer

Analboy wakes up naked, from footsteps he heard on the roof. He throws on a coat and goes to investigate. He crawls to the roof to meet a horny Santa and 8 reindeer with massive 13 inch fat deer cock, nearly 4 inch this at the base. Santa Grabs Analboy and ties him to the sled, So he is doggy style, his big asshole exposed and venerable for the deer and Santa.

Santa unhooks the reindeer from the sleigh and lines them up for a brutal beastailty anal fuck for Analboy. Dancer is first and the thick 3 inch deer cock is well lubed it popped into his loose asshole rather easily, and he slide to the hilt on one push.

"Ohhh Santa right into my colon, oh he's gonna split my anal ring!, More lube" Analboy cried.
The deers shaft was re-greased and he started nice long thrusts, feeling his colon around his cock got him excited, then WHAM WHAM WHAM, long power thrusts hammered his asshole damaging it right away.

"There you go, take it Analboy, I see your letting loose already"

"Oh my rectum is losing all control", WHAM WHAM WHAM, 3 more power thrusts and the first deer creamed a quart of deer cum in his rectum and pulled out.  Santa lined up the rest of the reindeer for the same treatment. One after one, each reindeer cock was about the same size and each power thrusted 13 inches into him. By the time the last Reindeer mounted him, he  prolapsed out with each big head pull out, then the meat was plowed right back in, 8 quarts (2 gallons) of cum were deposited into his colon and rectum and was coming out with his red meat prolapse.

"Now its my turn to punch fist that creamy damaged rectum of yours."

Santa put on his fur lined elbow length rubber gloves, and went to an immediate fisting attack of the beast cum filled rectum. His fist slide right up his rectum with no mercy and the slut took it like a champ.

LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT,LEFT, RIGHT Santa was alternating hand fisting him now
"Prep that creamy rectum for some solid punch fucking, Santa has got to go soon"

Once his asshole lost even more control from alternate hand fisting, PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH
Santa went into a rapid fist closed fist punching of his rectum and colon, sending Analboy screaming on the roof.

Analboy started getting into the anal abuse .
"Fuck yea, punch the shit out of my asshole Santa, ruin me for Xmas" Analboy pleaded.

PUNCH,PUNCH,PUNCH,PUNCH,PUNCH, more rapid fire fistings, sent the deer cum flying from his rectum  "Immmm  cummmmmming from anal!" analboy screamed and his little bald cock shot off squirting its contents on Santas Sleigh.

There you go Asshole slut, your Xmas gift, Merry Christmas, HO HO HO. He re-hitched the reindeer, untied Analboy and made sure he got in the house and left for more deliveries.

Brutal Anal Fisting of Analboy

Sunday, December 11, 2016

New rectal Limits in Width will be established- Cockatrice

We decided to start taking his ruined asshole in new limits in width, and recently purchased the 3.6 inch shaft Cockatrice that will brutalize his rectum on the curve. We plan training on a wooden chair first and have impale his rectum on the Cockatrice, and get used to the width, Stroking his rectum up and down the full length to the base. Once he is used to the size Assmaster BC, will get him doggy style face down, asshole high, and cheeks spread. Then JACKHAMMER the monster in his rectum, long full strokes, the nasty curve coring his rectum like never before.

Of course we will take pics and post as SOON as the toy arrives from BAD Dragon. Here is the link to the site

Ruin that rectum Analboy!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Permanently Gaped and Damaged

As Analboy hung there, suspended horizontally by his thighs and chest, he focused on the sensation as his magnificent asshole responded to the chemical relaxation effect that the drugs had caused, and his assring meat slowly but surely stretched under its own weight, and it began their gradual but irresistible transformation into the loose hanging rectum that he now knew belonged on his slutty body. His slut-nuts looked like they would burst, as they were tied tightly, so obscenely. As he began to give himself up to his anal oriented world, Master Winstons voice said something about brutal anal fisting, and he returned sharply to reality. Surely not- even his massively stretched and receptive anus could not accommodate that kind of power punch fistings, and he was in the process of telling himself that he had misheard when a familiar, huge shape appeared at the periphery of his vision. As he spoke, his conditioned mind responded to the voice he knew so well from his early rectal training- Master Teddy had joined the party.

“ Good evening Analboy- nice to see your asshole responding to its new task so well” he boomed, as he stroked his bald cock lovingly. “The time has come to take the next step in your journey to full rectal breakdown. You have impressed us with your dedication so far. I need you to consent to the next stage in order for it to be significant. I would like to permanently ruin your aasshole this evening Analboy. I plan to stretch it so radically that it will never ever close properly again. Do you agree to this, my slut?”  ,he soothingly enquired.

Analboy got immediately hard and gasped at the enormity of the question, and all his instincts told her to stop this madness before it went any further, but the Complyormone coursed through his veins causing his anal ring to spasm, and the huge suggestive power of Teddys voice was so deeply imbedded in his new sexually deviant behavior, that he found himself nodding in compliance, as the throbbing in his asshole seemed to pulse in agreement, as if it were trying to tell him that this was a good thing.

 “I need you to ask me for the camera, slut” continued Teddy. “Ask me to break your aasshole forever with my fist, and the decision is irreversible”

Sweating with emotion, the suspended slut hesitated only briefly before gasping

“ Please open my slut asshole with your fist, Master, ruin me for good”.

As the other brothers nodded in approval, Winston, who was watching his asshole closely, was pleased to see the rose tattoo open involuntarily as he spoke, causing his tattooed sphincter to gape openly like a baby chick waiting to be fed.

Smiling, Teddy asked Ceebert to prepare him, and he wheeled a gurney to the stirrup end of the room. On the gurney lay four 200ml syringes, fitted with needles that ranged in length from a fairly innocuous 1 inch to a truly scary looking 6 inches.

As Ceebert slowly charged each syringe with the same cellular relaxant that now flowed through his rectum now, Teddy explained to the slut that they would give his rectum a little help in its transition into a fully-fledged tunnel.

As his hot wonderful asshole pouted and winked at him, begging for input, Ceebert picked up the first, shortest syringe (no needle, just a big dick shaped nozzle)  and slowly injected a little of the fluid at a time in a circle around the puckered line where skin stopped and sphincter muscle began. Little by little, he infused his anal ring wall with the elixir, and, as it relaxed and opened a little more as the sluts conditioning converted the shooting sensation into pleasure, he moved the applicator a little deeper into his rectum, and ,working in circles, slowly progressed into his rectum, injecting ring after ring of the magic fluid into his rectal cavity. As the sluts gasps grew more enthusiastic, he reached the point where the shoulder of the syringe was as far into his cavity as it would go, and withdrew the now empty one, and reached for the next, longer one.

Repeating the process, he slowly discharged the second 200ml into his anal wall, the larger nozzle working his rectum, and Analboy felt  his outer muscle become numb and lost elasticity, as his colon experienced and savored this new, scratching, burning sensation that slowly invaded him.   As he withdrew the second empty syringe, Ceebert realized he was now close to the natural bend in his rectum, and decided on a speculum to assist in the last two treatments- after all, the final, 3 inch wide applicator would mean that he was injecting the colon wall almost a foot inside him.

Gently easing a shining large steel speculum into the hungry orifice, he ratcheted it wide enough for the syringe body, enjoying the moan that accompanied it, and, savoring every push of the plunger, injected the rest of the first foot of his colon wall with the liquid that would bring about its ruination.
After 10 minutes, he was done, and he withdrew the speculum slowly. Analboy bit his lower lip as the flood of sensations gathered strength, and his bowel wall felt like it was cored out and huge. The urgings of his little bald cock coaxed the sexual part of the expansion to the fore, and his conditioned mind collated all the sensations together. As he almost exploded in his first anal super-orgasm of the session, he heard “pleasure analboy” boom in his ears , even though he wore no headset, and his internet public were amazed to see the response meter in the corner of their screens shoot straight to maximum once again.

As they gave the relaxant time to work, Teddy slowly removed all the rings from his massive right hand. He rolled up his sleeve, and removed his gold Rolex. Turning to the door, he nodded to Winston, who opened it and beckoned Leroy to re-enter. As he came into view, it became apparent that he was holding a leash. Behind him padded an obedient Paul, who wore a black version of Analboyss mating collar around his neck, emblazoned with the word “SLUT” in studs.

“Slut Paul has been invited to join us this evening, Analboy. He will assist me with your dilation, and if he pleases me, he may well be joining us on a regular basis.” explained Teddy.

Analboy gasped and blushed even more than the aftermath of that involuntary loss of rectal muscle control that just happened. His friend from the office warehouse seeing him like this….how would he ever look him in the eye again?…and then the fact that his rehabilitation was necessary reminded him that if his Masters chose for Paul to be involved, then it must be with good reason.

Teddy held his right hand up in the air in the manner of a surgeon who has just scrubbed up. Paul obediently approached him, kneeled before him, and then obediently pulled a black latex disposable glove over his massive fingers, easing all the way on until the wrist band snapped tightly in place. Picking up a KY dispenser, he pumped three generous squirts into his little white hands, and then slowly, almost lovingly coated the glove with lube until it shone. Seeing Teddy nod in approval, he then, on Winstons instruction, took the dispenser over to the horizontal slut. Trembling with excitement, he aimed the nozzle into the gaping, massive asshole that once was loose but not this loose, and pumped around half of the bottle into his anal canal. Following Winstons signals, he the anointed his own white hand liberally with KY, and slowly eased it into the sluts hungry anus, gasping with pleasure at the velvety texture as the well stretched muscular ring easily gave way and embraced first his fingers, then as he pushed gently, his knuckles, and finally, with a plop, his thick wrist. Analboy, already half way to orgasmic delirium, moaned out loud as his bowel muscles automatically gripped the slender intruder, and Paul squealed with pre orgasmic pleasure of his own as he felt his workmates colon grip his wrist urgently. Following Winstons guidance, he worked her hand in and out of the passageway, massaging the lube into the walls until the whole orifice was slippery, slack and ready. This done, he very reluctantly withdrew from Analboys body, noting that the anus only half closed as his hand exited. Beside himself with erotic excitement, the trembling slut Paul withdrew out of view and settled in to watch the main event that was about to happen before him.

As the lighting was rearranged so that every part of the rectum stretching process would be clearly visible on the web-cast, Teddy walked slowly up to the suspended slut, and, with a nod from Winston that told him everything looked good onscreen, he started his destruction of Analboys rectum cavity.

As he slipped the first of his fingers into the loose, slippery asshole, Analboy immediately knew that this was different. Pauls whole hand had been smaller than some of the cocks that he now craved to have in his asshole on a daily basis-indeed he took bigger than Pauls hand up his asshole quite often…but just 3 of Teddys fingers was enough to signal the massive task ahead. He felt like a ritual sacrificial offering as the forth huge black digit popped his sphincter ring, and as they gently opened him in readiness for the hand, he started to relax even more. Teddy noticed his anus was beginning to let loose nicely now, and spoke soothingly to him, reminding him that this was his destiny-to be of true value and purpose, it was necessary for her to be modified as he saw fit. Only this way could he be truly rehabilitated as a black cock asshole slut. His words had the desired effect, and the Complyormone surged through his rectum once again, as Teddy felt his asshole relax and he easily slipped the rest of his hand in, and sweat broke out on Analboys brow as it finally plopped past the ring of muscle.  Teddys whole hand was a  massive intrusion- at least as big as anything his asshole had accommodated to date, and his ring opening was probably stretched fully four inches wide already. He felt he had reached her elastic limit, and it was only Teddys constant soothing words that stopped him from panicking wildly as the knuckles and thumb slide up into him too. Teddy sensed that he was struggling to keep a grip on it; also he realised that his sphincter had indeed reached its elastic limit. Even one of Analboys enormous capacity for change had limits. It was time for the relaxant serum to do its thing. Not waiting any longer for Analboys Anal Orgasm to hit, he balled his fist in the tortuously stretched sphincter muscle, and then gave a slow but mighty push. His hand belonged in his rectum, they both knew that…and as his massive knuckles finally ripped through the colon, Analboy felt his anal ring tear and, tenderized by the serum, the fabric of his anal wall changed shape forever. Teddy quite literally ripped him a new asshole, and as his massive fist triumphantly entered her rectum colon bend, he felt his newly mutilated  sphincter close not all that tightly around his wrist, as the slut screamed loudly and passed out.

Taking advantage of his unconsciousness, Teddy continued his journey into his colon, pushing firmly enough for his giant ham to stretch his rectal cavity wall into its new permanent girth, but not firmly enough to do any actual damage. It took him a little while to navigate around the rectal bend, but he managed it, and, just as he entered the colon bend over and over, and half of his forearm was embedded in his newly deformed asshole, Analboy regained consciousness. Even whilst out of it, his drug assisted conditioning had been functioning at a sublimal level, and he awoke to the sensations of what seemed like a bedpost in his asshole, he realised that his transformation was actually nearing completion. Giving up entirely to the waves of what he now considered pleasure, Teddy felt his rectum canal massage his forearm urgently, and he wriggled to get used to its size and depth, Teddy noticed this and started plungering out his rectum harder. Spiraling rapidly into his first anal super-orgasm of the procedure, he screamed out to her Master, begging him to stretch his asshole more and more, until he was proud of the results. Teddy responded by pistoning his forearm in and out of his forever distended back passage, as he gave one last scream of ecstasy before lapsing into unconsciousness again, this time happy at his modifications.

By the time she came round, she had been released from suspension, and Teddy had replaced his bling and watch, and was immaculate once again. She had been placed gently in the dentists chair, and her legs placed in the stirrups. As she came too, she felt an unfamiliar glowing in her belly, and knew that he had pleased her Masters with his new asshole.

 “ Ah-welcome back to reality slut” boomed Teddy. “ And congratulations on your new improved asshole. You have done well, and your reward is the rest of the week off work in order to adjust to your new body. I think youll be quite pleased with your new cock now cumming from anal, we don’t need to play with it anymore, although the cock has a way to go yet” he enthused, as he played with his new sluts perfectly stretched out asshole.

 “Hmmm…your piss slit has not stretched as we had hoped, slut. Its  obvious slit has been abused but needs more work too. I suppose the slit is what made Winston notice you in the first place, so its no great surprise. Nevertheless, I think its a trip to the laundry for you tomorrow while the relaxant is still in your system” he explained.

Unable to hide his sadness, Analboy heard himself apologizing profusely to her Masters for his piss slit not yet being to their satisfaction….was he really saying these things??….and why the laundry?…surely he must have misheard.

As the feeling came back to his asshole, a massive throbbing kept his mind occupied, his asshole was trying to recover, but could not, until he noticed some business between his legs. Looking at the cameras, he saw with surprise that the broadcast was still live.

 “Just a couple more things to attend to, slut” teased Winston, as he unhooked the key from around his neck, and gave it to Paul, who enthusiastically unlocked the padlock between Analboys legs, and lifted the escutcheon plate back, exposing his ruined asshole. Ceebert appeared, and busied himself playing with the unclosing asshole.  Analboy looked puzzled-his asshole had not closed since his “coming out” in front of Darcy, and he was now quite at ease with that-in fact, the idea of having it never close again scared him- he was an anal boy now, the end!

Sensing his misgivings, Ceebert explained

“It is still vital that you please all black men with your asshole and NOT your mouth, slut. Your wonderful new asshole means that there is no limit to what you can accommodate now-but some masters still like it tight, so we have decided to the sensations got by ass-fucking you variable. I am going to remove your old keeper now, and replace it with a new, inflatable one. For the rest of your life, you will have a bulb between your legs which inflates a bladder, filling your rectum to the desired degree-the more it is inflated, the more it pushes against your bladder and gives the sensation of tightness. It will feel exactly the same as the old keeper when deflated, so you will hardly notice the difference”.

As Ceebert finished working his anal ring, he gently withdrew the sleek steel curved keeper that had been him constant companion for weeks now. Hating the openness and accessibility of his asshole, it was with mixed feelings that he watched Paul hand Ceebert the new keeper, which had what looked like a football bladder stretched over the curved insert, and a black squeezy bulb that fitted through a similar escutcheon plate, but one that had been drilled to accommodate the air pipe. He felt gratitude that his asshole was being expanded again as it should be; but he had the distinct impression that this latest modification  to his rectum made him little different to and like the inflatable doll that pervs bought from sex shops.

As Ceebert finished inserteing the new keeper in, and closed and padlocked the modified escutcheon, he had Paul give the bulb a few test squeezes, and Analboy gasped, as for the first time in ages he felt his asshole stretched real tight, the bulb inflating and pushing his prostrate. Satisfied, Ceebert deflated the bladder again and promised that his new custom extra would be taken for a test run real soon.

Finally, Winston proceeded to expanded his anal ring even more by running a dildo alongside.
“Your asshole has stretched well, slut- its is comfortably at the three inches we sought….time for your reward.” He enthused, and from under the gurney he produced two heavy gold bells attached to 4mm stirrups.

“Rolled gold on the outside, but bell metal on the inside for an authentic ring, Sarah. Heavy too- 4 ounces each. Paid for by the subscriptions to your website. These be hung from your nuts. I will solder them in place, so they will be forever with you” he added, tinkling one and producing a surprisingly clear ring.

OMG-everyone will hear them, thought Analboy, but he dutifully thanked his Master as he wrapped them around his tight nutsack meat and soldered them in place permanently.

With that, the web-cast ended, and the Masters busied themselves putting equipment away, as the slut sat there in the stirrups totally exposed to everyone, but ignored, his work being done for the night.
“Have you enjoyed your first glimpse into our world, slut Paul?”  Winston asked as they finished tidying away. “You were recommended by Analboy, who is our star pupil, so we expect great things from you”

“Oh yes, Master, it has been wonderful-thank you” said the slut, bowing

“Then perhaps you should show Master Ceebert how grateful you are?” teased Winston, as Ceebert dropped his pants and smiled at him. Ceebert snak his massive cock home in Analboys asshole despite the fact it was crammed full already.

Ceebert started breathing heavily, and Analboy knew from experience that he was about to cum. Paul, however, had no such clue, and as the mother load burst forth into Analboys  eager asshole, his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he squirted a huge load into the non functioning asshole.  “Now show slut Analboy how grateful you are for watching the extreme anal games , Paul”, and the trainee slut obediently trotted to the chair in which Analboy lay spread open, and offered his mouth to Analboys little bald cock. As their lips touched, Paul allowed his cock to make the little bald cock hard, and as he greedily and gratefully devoured the little cock the oral became a deliciously intimate exchange of affection between two brothers in servitude, albeit at vastly differing stages of development. Ceebert looked on and smiled inwardly- he knew his cum was now where it belonged.

“Such enthusiasm Paul- you may be a keeper- we shall have to see. If you keep up the good behavior, we may all use you soon. You will need some training first, but I am sure you are up to it…in fact that will be a good name for you if you make the grade..”Used by all” You can wear a collar with that emblazoned on it!”

As Paul glowed with pride, Analboy dressed, and was shocked at how loud the bell tinkles were every time he balls moved. Best get used to it, they were there to stay!

As Analboy was ushered into the pimpmobile by Winston and Ceebert, he was surprised to see that Paul joined them; but after he so willingly lusted over his assholes he no longer felt threatened. As the limo slipped through the streets on its way to his home, he struggled to stay awake, but did take in Winston enthusing to Ceebert about tonights record viewing figures, and just how rich the next wave of Blog subscriptions would make them. Smiling that he continued to make black men happy, he dozed until the change in engine note told them that they had arrived.

As the four entered the house, Analboy tinkled as he walked. Entering the front room, Brutus looked sharply up at the ringing noise, and barked once enthusiastically. Darcy was sat in front of the TV

Winston thought better of brutalzing his asshole again tonight-his asshole needed to recover, and he was exhausted-besides, he had a busy day at the laundry tomorrow. Telling him he was proud of him today, he sent him off to bed for the night. As he went gratefully upstairs to sleep, the bells animated Brutus, and he padded silently behind him. Smiling at each other, Ceebert and Winston closed the door behind them as they exited, leaving Darcy to Paul and Analboy to Brutus for daily ass openings.
But, Brutus had other ideas,  He wanted to test out his newly deformed asshole ring muscle badly, even tho is was now permanently enlarged. He had to test out the asshole with his closed fist.  “Up in the fisting bench now, I want to test out your new permanent gaper” He said  “Assdaddy my rectum is sore and hanging open badly. Can we wait until tomorrow? He Said.  “NO, I wanna punch fist the shit out of your asshole right now, hop up there”, Analboy Climed into the fisting bench, Face down, asshole high doggy style, his big asshole was at shoulder height.

“Nice, look at that non closing gaper” he said, snapping on his gloves, he went right for the closed fist.  The huge balled fist dented in analboys deformed ass and slid right in, OHHHH Fuck my rectal ring!” He screamed as Brutus went to work on the poor boys rectum and started punch fisting his rectum in and out like a jackhammer, alternating his punching left fist to right fist.  Fisting at all angles when he went into him, trying to make the slut cum from abuse.  It worked,  “Im gonna blast Daddy!” he announced, as a thick stream of cum bolted from his little cock from anal.  Brutus stopped.  “Ok now your done” he said

The End