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The Missing Story Series- WIDE

The missing Story Series – WIDE-  They ruined my asshole!

I left work, quickly at 4:30 after a long hard Monday to stop by 'cell' to pick up my CD's and some picture I was to scan for my friend. I was supposed to lock the play room. It was a hot July day, I was feeling good for a Monday. My local guy was out of town, so I had no one to play with in the lonely place. Tom indicated while he was gone I could use the cell if I needed a good anal workout. He said another top called him and said he may also like to use the playroom, so beware when I come to pick up the CD, not to bother him. Well, with work so hectic, I was unable to make any contacts that week. Besides, Tom indicated this guy was very dominant, and would open his submissive bottoms wide, I mean REAL wide, because he loved to hear them scream and moan. He loved a gaping asshole, and would force anything in your asshole to stretch it to get it that way, regardless of whether he permanently damaged your anal ring. Tom said, guys would not shit right for days after a rough anal session, with this guy he calls 'tiny'. This was scaring me so I did not want anything to do with that, so I tried to avoid going to the cell, until I absolutely had too.

So, that Monday at 4:30, I stopped by the companies gym to change from my work clothes to something a little cooler to try to beat the heat. I took my gym bag, which I brought a pair of tennis shoes, some short cut off jeans and a white t shirt. My locker was in a corner, I looked around, nobody was present for the time as I dropped my work pants and shorts, my limp 4" cut cock and shaved balls exposed as I stroked my manhood. Quickly it became half hard. My hands ran under my balls. My fingers touched the outside of my perfectly shaved asshole and surrounding area, causing me to quiver in excitement. Man, I could use a good assHOLE fucking right now, but had to get down to business. I grabbed the cutoffs and slipped them on with no underwear. They were short and my ass cheeks half stuck out the side. I put the tee shirt and shoes on. I was looking like a real anal slut, all tanned. I bet a lot of tops would approve of my attire. I stuffed my work clothes in the bag and quickly left. I jumped in my car and sped up route 8, and quickly arrived at my buddy's place. I unlocked the back door and entered a dark room. I could not see, as my hands searched the wall for the light switch. Immediately I could tell someone was also here. It must be tiny?? I thought. With this in mind, I was quite and quick. TheN I heard, what sounded like whimper, then a loud "OOOOOOoooh god my assHOLE". A tell tale sign it must be Tiny and maybe his, er victim? MY dick got hard, and with the short pants, the head almost stuck out the side. I just had to peak in to see what was up.

The door was cracked as I peaked in to see a big fat man and a small thin guy. The big guy, must be Tiny (an oxymoron I thought). Tiny had this guy on his back, legs high brutally sliding a beer bottle in and out of his rectum. Every third or 4Th thrust he would completely remove it to inspect a now gapping asshole. Then he would viciously force the wide end of the bottle in his asshole causing him to scream. I could tell the big man was getting his kicks, and this scene was making me hot too.

All this excitement caused me to drop the CD, the plastic cover making a crashing sound, causing the action to stop, each man was no looking at me Tiny said " Come on in, you must be John?" "yes, and you are tiny?" "yes and this is my friend Jim" Jim's legs were now down and the bottle removed. " Tom said you maybe be coming, and his description was right, you are a little hottie!, heard you have a big loose asshole too" "Thanks, I better get going" I replied "Wait, Do you want to play?, I’m about done with Jim and he needs to leave soon?" "Well, I don’t…" "Wait, watch this, it'll make you want a good ass fucking" Tiny grabbed the biggest dong in the room. It was as thick ass the beer bottle, and had a nasty curve, a good 12" long and a handle on the end for serious ass play. "lift those legs Jim." Jim did exposing his sloppy loose ass. Tiny put the massive head to Jims hole and with a big push slid the huge dong a good ten inches deep in his asshole, causing him to cry out "Unnngghhhh". Tiny grabbed the handle the started working the dong powerfully in and out of his ass, with each thrust driving it in another inched until, it was buried to the handle. I watched in amazement, and could not help but drop my pants, lube up my own shaved asshole and slide the closest butt plug up my ass the 6" x 2" plug, slide to the hilt filling me. “I like that john, bend over let me see that big asshole”. I bent over exposing my plugged hole, this really turned on Tiny as he worked Jim ass even faster, Jim cried out "ohhh god, Im gonna cum!". Jim began shooting all over himself, then tiny stopped his assault on Jim. Removed the plug, rimmed his ass once with his tongue and helped him up. Jim quickly dressed and left, with very little conversation. Tiny's cock still a rock hard 8". "I did not come cause I'm saving it for you, on your back slut, get those legs in the air. Im going to really open your asshole with everything in the room, keep your asshole wide open for hours until I cant take it anymore then fuck you like the little whore you are" I knew my asshole lead me into another situation, like those described in my other documented anal blog stories.

Tiny held my legs and de-plugged me, and quickly replaced the plug with three greasy fat fingers, swirling around. "oh yes this feels nice" I relaxed and could feel my ass loosen. "oh you open up nice honey, your asshole is much larger than anyone I have abused in the past" as he slipped the forth finger in. His other hand searching the desk blindly for an available toy. The play room is loaded with toys. One wall has pegboard and the dongs hang on them. Tiny grabbed the flesh colored 8" dildo. " Here comes the first of hours of anal play first is this 8", just to start, then bigger and bigger, until you beg me too stop. The large head was at my hole and quickly he pushed it in. It stretched my asshole. "Ouch, just hold it there let me get used to it!". Tiny did so as I adjusted my legs so its felt better. He started twisting it around, my loose ass grabbed the rubber making it uncomfortable. He relubed it, slipped the head in and pushed. The dong slid in easily as he planted it home, "ooh yea, nice' he let my ass adjust to it , wiggling it around like it was vibrating. I watched him, and could tell he loved the site of a open hole to play with.

Tiny stood up, left the dong in me, started jacking his cock walking to the peg board to pick his next toy, the jelly stick. The jelly stick as we called it was a clear soft flexible dong about 10" long and a big fat head, and a smaller shaft. Tiny jacking his cock harder, "Lets lodge this baby to the hilt" I raised my head as tiny placed at my now very lubed asshole. "oh what a fat head, here it comes" Tiny grabbed the base of the very soft jelly dong and pushed the head in "oooo wow!, that’s wide" I screamed. " Oh yes, lets hold it there, stretch you out boy" I looked down, my asshole stretched wide as he began to slide the jelly dong in. I could feel the fat head go way inside, and with a hard push it sunk deep to the base, "oooo yes, gawd, yes' Tiny began trying to work the dong in and out, but it was too soft, for deep quick thrusts. I was moaning as the big head was stretching my colon. "shut up you whore, Im not done yet, lets get something that I can use better"

Tiny stood up again, playing with his cock looking for the next thing to fill my asshole with. I knew he was going for the big ass wrecker dong. He picked it up, its width of shaft is the same as head a good 3-1/4 inch in diameter and 12 long. "ohh yes, this is gonna be nice" He applied plenty of lube as now my loose asshole was able to take half the head easily, and with a little push "POP" the head was in, "Oh my god, oh my god, my asshole its sooo wideeeee!"

Tiny forceful sunk the rectum wrecker in my asshole, I screamed from this invasion, never opened up so wide and deep before, I was whimpering, as he was sliding the wrecker in and out slowly. There was no ease because the shaft was fat the whole length of the dong, on every instroke my whole ass lips would be sucked in and on the outstrokes almost pull my asshole inside out, I was getting ready to shoot "Oh gawd your ruining my asshole!" I screamed as another plunge this time even deeper, "Unnnghhh, its bottoming out in my rectum!, oh goowadd, im gonna cum" I said "NO, NO not yet", Tiny demanded and quickly pulled the rectum wrecker from my asshole. Slime and lube covered it, as my asshole was gaping wide "oh hold on honey, don’t come, yet" It was subsiding " Nice fuckhole look how loose!" He slide his beer bottle in now for a nice fit as I just watched. Lets leave it there get you nice and loose for a good fistin, In a couple hours, your not allowed to cum until iIm punching the shite out of your asshole,

To be continued in WIDE2 story

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Movie Suggestion

A hot movie comment


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To: Large Hoagie  
Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2016 7:07 AM
Subject: Movie Suggestion

Id like to see another video of the last one only longer.  Your asshole hanging off the edge of that wood stool, your bald cock pushed down in front so we can see your little cock drip from rectal abuse. This time get the largest dong you can handle that you can get punched with.  Take the same camera shot as last time, but spread you ass cheeks and have your ass master punch the hell out your asshole with a 3 inch wide dong, pummeling your asshole for the camera while he works your nuts.  Occasionally showing off how he is damaging your ring, moan and groan loud for the camera, until he milks a load from you. a 15 or 20 minute clip,  Nice and long for a HOT jack off anal destruction video for all to see, your wonderful big asshole being destroyed..

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Master T and his popper machine

Master T. and his popper machine-

It was a typical Saturday evening. Assmaster T was playing a game, I was typing away on my laptop, working on a blog update. The typicality of the Saturday stopped the moment we were about to enter the anal dungeon.

“Go bend over the table the same way you did earlier tonight,” Master T. said.
Earlier the evening I playfully bend over the table to smell the wood wax that I have put on it earlier in the day. My upper body rested on the table and my ass was turned towards Master T. He definitely approved of the sight. When He told me to go bend over the table, I did not do it immediately, but just looked at Him, thinking He might be joking.
“Now!” He commanded.

He pulled my pants and undies down to around my thighs and softly rubbed my ass cheeks. His fingers touched the big hole between my buttocks and I moaned. Again he rubbed my buttocks and I knew what would follow. Several slaps rained on my buttocks before I felt His soft touch again. I don’t know what made me wetter: the spanking or His soft touch. A 3 fingers found my dark opening and pushed in with no problems. With no lubrication it did not feel comfortable, but it did excite me. He soon pulled his fingers out and continued to spank me. Quite some time later I heard Him walking to the other side of the room. I pulled my pants up and headed towards the door of the room to go upstairs to head to the Anal Dungeon.

“I think your asshole needs some attention and expansion,” He smiled and I nodded. He knew exactly what I needed and when.
“Lie down on the Fuck bench, doggy, asshole high, face down, and wait for me,” He said.
I did as He said. My bald cock was rock hard and I was breathing shallow. My heart was racing inside my chest. I was excited. I remembered the anal stretching and abuse of some time ago and wondered what would happen this time. Impulsively I pushed a pillow under my hips, spread my legs some more and waited for the brutal invasion.

When Master T. Returned He settled between my spread legs. At first His well greased and gloved hand fingers worked my anal ring . His firm touch had my heart pounding even harder. I wanted his hole hand inside my rectum, but knew that He would soon be fisting me hard and to give all attention to my analring muscle for proper breakdown. He spread my asshole, stretching it. I willed myself to relax, to just accept everything that would happen. I wanted to make it easier for Him. and for myself. His hand slid in to the wrist and then back out, I was open and loose from years of rectal work.

The cold lubricant dripped on my asshole. Master T. smeared it across m asshole and inside, by slipping a 4 fingers inside me. Over and over again. I moaned. More lubricant was added. In and out His finger went. The lubricant was put aside. 4 fingers entered me to the knuckles. His fingers moved in and out of me. I relaxed. Surrendered to the feeling. Relaxed enough for Him to slip his whole hand into me inside me. It felt good, and also when balled his hand into a fist. I felt so full. I seriously doubted whether I would be able to handle it if He was gonna closed fist punch my rectum out.

“Slowly, please Master,” I asked.
“Don’t worry,” He assured me, “just relax.”
“How many fingers? Four?”
“My whole hand is inside you.”
“Whole Hand?” I asked in surprise, “seriously? to the wrist?”
“to the wrist. Relax.”

I did. I felt His hand slide up into me and then pulling back. I was surprised that I indeed still felt relaxed and that it did not hurt. I wanted this as much as He wanted it. My bald cock was rock hard at 4 inches from the fisting.

He pulled His hand out but quickly pushed it back in. I cringed a bit, feeling a bit of hurt and asked Him to go slow. Again He told me to relax while slowly moving His now closed hand in and out of me. I spread my legs some more, wanting Him to accomplish what I wanted to. With each push in, He pushed a bit harder and faster, getting his whole hand as deep inside me as He could. Master T. Was getting ready to punch fist my asshole to destruction. He picked up the pace, in and out in and out in a solid rhythm, as my asshole lost all rectal control, he balled his fist and went for the rectal KILL

I repositioned myself and slipped my one hand between my legs. “Ah yes, my anal slut, bring yourself to orgasm, I’m starting to punch fist you,” Master T. encouraged me while His hand maintained the same rhythm, his closed fist was battering my ring on every pull out. There was this intense need in me to cum, but at the same time I wanted his closed fist to punch the hell out my rectum. I wanted the full feeling to last longer.

It did not take long for me to reach my orgasm and once I did, I pulled away from Master T., wanting His fingers out of me. The feeling was just too intense.  But he did not he just kept punching my spasming asshole as I came. POW POW POW, the closed fist was punching my convulsing asshole

"Ohh gawd I cant take it, your fucking up my rectum!!" I screamed, but the punching continued and then slowed, then the final pull out,

Master T. was closed fist punching my asshole good, but wasn’t ready to stop yet, "Short break, then lets get back into the rectum good" he said, helping me up.  I was weary, and he gave me a bottle of beer. "Slug this down, while I get the triangular prop up pillow and cheek spreader for round two", He left the room, then came back with the POPPER machine, He had built this himself, a machine that you load the Popper (Amyl Nitrate) in, and the machines aquarium pump would provide a steady stream of ass opening vapor.  Master T. always got medical grade poppers from his Dr. Friend, my asshole really gets sloppy on them.

The prop up pillow was triangular in shape and went under your belly when doggy style, to keep your asshole hiked up high and easily accessible. The cheek spreader was nothing more than duct tape strips about 10 inches long. attached on the inside off the butt cheeks, I hold my cheeks spread and Master applies the strips to keep them that way, when I let go.

My asshole was now primed for some serious rectal work, making my cock hard again "Ohhh ruin me Daddy, Im ready" I said, "We are going to the closed fist to start, polish off the rectum for good this time" He said, "Oh yea" I said as he began pushing his closed fist at my big asshole. The knuckles dented in the ring as my asshole opened up to accept the fist, His closed fist was at the widest part right on the ring, then..."OOOOOOHHHHH Fuck!, My asssssssshole!!!"  I screamed as he sank to the wrist with relative ease, "YESSSSSSSSS" I moaned as my rectum accepted his closed fist filling and stretching it to the maximum. He stopped and held his closed fist up my rectum, he moved into a better position, and hit the switch on the popper machine

"Hold on, im going to closed fist swirl in your cavity now, get you nice and loose" he said, "Ohh gawd", is all I could say as the medical poppers hit hard
"Core out my cavity, I begged at he began to swirl his closed fist around as my asshole ring muscle gave out completely.  "Hey there goes your rectum muscle control, ohh yea", he started swirling his entire hand in my rectum expanding out the walls  "HOT ANAL!, I love it" I said, getting into the rectum abuse, my little bald cock dripping again from anal  "Work my asshole, bust that ring muscle for good" I pleaded. He began swirling hard and pulling on my loose ring until his closed fist popped out, then he would power back into my rectum cavity hard  "Yea that’s it make my bald cock cum from anal again" I screamed as i was about to shoot off hard, "Cum from Daddy fisting you slut" he said, SPLOOSH, SPLOOSH SPLOOSH my rectum was singing as he punched in and out, "Immmm Cumming" I screamed as he milked a load out from anal. I collapsed over the triangular pillow, as he ripped his closed fist out, sending my asshole ring muscle convulsing open and closed with no control. He sank is dick in to my spasming asshole as it milked a load out of his cock from the contractions.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Missing Story Series -The Porno Shoot

The Missing Story Series- A Porn Shooting

Camera's and Video tape recorders and bright lights were all set up and pointing at me, as Bill lubed up my shaved asshole for some serious ass work. Bobby and Ben were at the camera's ready to take pics and movies for the Ass opener Blog, they two, naked with raging hard ones, as the fist dildo was pushed at my hole, I pushed back doggy style, relaxed and allowed the 2 1/2" (75mm) wide dildo sink in "ohhh yea" I yelled as Billed pushed it in deep and then pulled it out again "again slut" he commanded, the dildo buried into my asshole. He squirted some j-lube onto my ass, grabbed the dildo end and started working my hole. "Oh yea, open me up!". Camera bulbs and video flashed as I moaned and groan doggy style for the camera. They were getting some great whole body shots and close-ups of my ravaged shaved asshole.

It was not long when I was getting used to its size.  "Next larger" Ben said, snapping off pics for the blog. Bill grabbed the 3" wide bam dildo, I took a hit of poppers and he powered it in my asshole "Ruin me Daddy" I screamed He pounded my hole, in, out, in, out, deeper and deeper with each thrust. Then concentrating on the prostrate I started shooting off already. Several movies were taken, as my asshole was assaulted over and over that evening, until I was huge. "Ok give the camera a big gaper" Ben said. Bill began punching my hole with the bam,

"Ok get ready when I pull out, spread your ass cheeks and relax that cunt" Bill pulled, and I spread my cheeks for the camera
My asshole gaped so wide, I could feel the cool air blowing in. "Oh shit that is hot" someone said. I could feel somebody playing with my rectum, then a cock sink in "Ohh fuck yea, what a hole".  Bobby had sunk his 8" meat to the hilt in my asshole
"Fuck Analboy's slutty asshole!, Nail Him" They cheered. It wasn’t 5 minutes, then Bobby swelled up and blow a load deep into my anal tunnel.
Now he grabbed the Caterpillar dildo, a massive ribbed almost 4" (100mm) wide at the head, and a long thick shaft equally as wide, and twisting (see pic below).  Bill began preparing the big dildo as Bobby and Ben sat Analboy right down on the floor at the end of the table in front of the cameras and retied and greased up his asshole.  Bobby began smearing grease on his big dildo and soon set it right up to Analboys asshole. No matter how or what Bill did, the big dildo wouldn't slide in, the 4" massive head was just too big for his small 127# pound frame.  Bobby spread the cheeks of Analboys ass real wide to help Bill. Bill took the dildo in his hand and began rotating the big head in Analboys asshole; gradually he began to accept the big dildo.
”Damn, your boy's got a huge asshole," Bobby grunted
"But it will be even larger now, because the dildo head is starting to slide up into his rectum!" "Put some grease on my asshole!" I suggested. "I want that fat dildo up my anal tunnel!" Bobby applied another liberal amount of grease to Analboys's asshole, even pushing some inside. Once again, I felt the head of the dildo press up to back door and I pushed my hips back
against the knob.  Then the head slipped in.  Bill hesitated a moment before setting his legs and driving the dildo deep into my asshole.
"Yeeeeeoooowwwww!" I yelled.  "MY ASSHOLE IS BEING RUINED!, MY RING IS GONNA TEAR!"

"Guys, ruin him for fistings!" Ben watched with a mixture of delight and agony at the same time.

"YES!  YES!  RUIN MY ASSHOLE!" I groaned.  "It hurts, but feels good at the same time!, Im gonna lose all rectal control soon!"
Bill set his feet and began plowing the dildo in and out of my asshole.
"Look, Ben, your friend is hammering my asshole!  I told you I could take it! OH, RUIN ME, DADDY for FISTING!"
Bill was sawing the dildo in and out, taking huge thrusts, his hips pounding into my ass with each thrust.
"My asshole, Your wrecking my asshole!, but it's starting to feel really good!" I pushed her ass up higher to meet each thrust of the dildo.  "Bill fist out his asshole, he's huge and ready" Bobby said.  Bill placed on some latex gloves, and his hand slid into my gaping anus with little resistance. After all, a 4" inch wide dildo, really did a number on his ass ring.
Once inside, he formed his fingers into a fist and began punching in and out
of my asshole. At first he went for depth, he and the cameras fixed on watching my facial expression as his fist plowed up into my intestines and my greasy anal ring massaged his hairy forearm. I could do nothing to resist as the long strokes moved my rectal ring from his wrist to halfway up his forearm and back, over and over again.  He twisted his arm back and forth while sliding it in and out, creating a hot friction both against my sphincter muscle and deep in my guts where his fist stirred and twisted against the delicate walls of my colon.  After several minutes of this, he pulled his hand all the way out, causing me to grunt loudly  and jerk my head up involuntarily as my throbbing, battered rectal ring stretched open to release the widest part of his big hand.  He started punching my asshole in and out for the camera, getting into a good rhythm, complete pull outs and ramming back in for the camera,  my asshole lost even more rectal control and the noises started, SPLOOSH, SPLOOSH SPLOOSH, battering my rectum hard.
Look red meat is coming out on the pull out" he said ripping his closed fist out to show the others, as a big red angry meat tube came out, but was punched back in hard

"Ohhh gaaawd Damage my asshole!" I screamed for the camera, sending him into a fisting frenzy, as I was prolapsing out with every pull out.  I sighed, thinking my ordeal was over, but they had enjoyed my reaction to the obscene stretching of my sphincter muscle as his knuckles had pulled past it. With unbelievable sadistic cruelty, he began punching his fist in and out of my bruised anal ring even harder, pulling it all the way out each time and letting it begin to close before ramming in just to the wrist and then reversing over and over again. It became harder and harder to force his fist in and out as my sore butt muscle became swollen and the lubrication began to wear off.  The video tape ran out, as Bill angrily fisted out my asshole, as each man blasted ruined anal ring with there cum.

End of the shoot, look for pictures soon to be appended at the end of this story.

The Catapiller Dong --4 inch diameter cores out his rectum good